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  1. I was just wondering I have a transfer in place for the 5th. And i put gear on my char a day ago will my character be settless and on my new server? lol
  2. I don't mind this idea i want more people on Solar too :c so +1
  3. Welcome Aiichii I hope you enjoy your time on imps village :)
  4. Good luck selling them if i had 110mk i would of bought the Thieves set :P
  5. Hai Welcome back :3 and Night Rage and Heavens Knights are still around .-.
  6. Class: Panda Build: Agility/Chance Kamas Available 200mk Level 200 i just need to figure out what set would be best :x
  7. Theres always souls of twelve there always recruiting c:
  8. We'll to progress I'd try to join a guild because we'll they can help you out :p also usually they have some professions but if you want help you can come to rushu and if be happy to help you level and give you some gear c:
  9. I've heard if it I may try it but what would I make on it :x.
  10. Kanigers pandala island there good c: I'd also do Dopples on them andddd lower level dungeons :3
  11. I've never seen kolossium bots on rushu atleast not yet :p
  12. Rushu has nice economy and awesome people c:
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