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  1. Most iconic players

    The sram was DioErakurea, Sadi was Knoxana and if i remember correctly, gala was the first leader of Narzhul together with zorro and kingofcommando gang?
  2. Ogivol - Hacker/Scammer

    Best scammer ever was Kalbez (rosal's scammer elite), deal with it :D
  3. Making 1 m per hour...

    Dont worry, by the time he gets to the point to mass breed for scrolls, u will quit already haha
  4. Making 1 m per hour...

    Or you can just breed 1500 pure gen10 (scroll) turkeys as i did in the past, and once all ur scrolls sell, i can garantue you, ur hourly rate will be much higher than 1m/h
  5. PC/B> Razorbuck and Boarhog

    The other guy was ex husband of Area