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  1. Hello everyone, i just recently rejoined on Dofus after about a 3 1/2 year break. I'm originally from Rosal (played rushu on a little). I was known as History/Lucaz/Tediz/Double Looking to reconnect with friends and make some new ones <3
  2. Buying MP Obsidemon Cloak

    Bump. Willing to offer vortex items (valued at 45mk) +kamas for exo.
  3. Buying MP Obsidemon Cloak

    still looking, bump
  4. Buying MP Obsidemon Cloak

    *starting to lose faith in rosals exo magers* bop
  5. As the title says i'm currently looking for someone to either mage one or if you happen to have one, ill buy. Stats i'm looking for are near perfect. Contact me in game at Lucaz or through imps. Im offering 30mk for a nicely maged cloak. Preferable stats: 240+ vit 55+ int 55+ str 35+ wis 1+ range 2+ summons 7+ Neut dmg 7+ Earth dmg 7+ Fire dmg 270+ ini 4+ dodge 0+ Pushback resis (not needed) 10%+ Air resis 10+ Earth resis 10+ Water resis
  6. Can close now. Bought for 45mk with 3% exo neut resis on it
  7. As title says. Looking to buy the amu. Looking to spend roughly between 40-50mk for it. Prices can be negotiable. Message through imps or on dofus, ign is Lucaz. Bought, can close.
  8. Goult Thread #6 Finished

    I wont be able to make it on my elio (Eximo) too much irl stuff. Wouldent be able to make any tournaments or practices.
  9. Goult Thread #6 Finished

    Due to real life time issues and lack of interest in dofus lately im going to drop my elio out of goult. Prob wont have time to help much ethier. Sorry guys.
  10. Goult Thread #6 Finished

    I can offer a level 200 Elio and 200 Rouge for practice if needed. Just let me know ahead of time.
  11. Registration for Goultarminator VII is now open!

    sorry to rain on your parade :<