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    Dofus, Art (drawing), Sports(soccer/basketball), and listening music (rap, rock, r&b, pop n more)

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  1. Legacy4Life

    Goult thread

    I am able to play as more than just fogg, I can do sac as well, along with enu,sram, n cra. Fog n sac being my best ofc.
  2. Legacy4Life

    Rushu Fight Club announcement

    Hey, If anyone is starting a team, im a lvl 200 Sacrier, a bit new to rushu, came from Solar a few weeks ago, pretty good at pvp. PM me ingame or here if you are looking for a nice Sac for a team. IGN: Furious-Legacy a.k.a Luxie
  3. Legacy4Life

    Selling Exos

    hey guys selling some AP exoes check them out. You can message me here or ingame IGN: Luxie Elya wood Ring AP exo: 23mk (lowest offer 20mk) Bearbaric Band +1 AP, +10 init Exo: 60mk (negotiable)
  4. Legacy4Life

    Goult/Pillars Practice

    Hey Everyone, Since the official pillars have been release for Goult, It might be a good idea for us to start working on or modifying some possible team compositions as a community(all drama aside as always), i've been told a few ideas and id love to get to know some more, i personally wanna try out a few but it would be nice to start this early, may not want to discuss everything on here directly but in game or something. We can even get some more practices going, Goult time is coming quick so the more prepared we are, the better it will be for Solar! so lets go, hmu... let me know what you think, any support is welcome, and also i know it might not be as easy as it sounds but a bit more attendance would be nice, even if you dont plan on going to goult, you can still help us out in practice.
  5. Looking for an AP exoed -Levitrof Wedding Ring, preferably close to perfect stats, Starting Off 60mk+ pm me. IGN: Luxie
  6. Legacy4Life

    Solar Night Live!

    ill give a shout out on saturday ^^
  7. Legacy4Life

    Solar Night Live!

    There has been a change to the Kamas Prize for the Evil Forest Race, thanks to a very generous donor!! If anyone would like to help out with future events, Let us know we appreciate all the help. The New Prize for our Winners will be: 5 Million Kamas for First Place 3 Million Kamas for second Place 2 Million Kamas for Third Place Updated Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz0D5dneT6KNSnhyUTJVWDYtWUk/view?usp=sharing
  8. Legacy4Life

    Solar Night Live!

    Hey guys, a group of us are trying to start a server wide events campaign, going by the name of "Solar Night Live!" We have lots of fun activities planned and we would love to have you join us. give us a heads up if your interested in participating or even if you just wanna come watch, Our goal is to help raise Solar's activeness and also to bring the community closer together. We look forward to seeing you in game. Thanks! from: Luxie, Bochi, Penguin-boo,Ophes, Jhonnish
  9. Legacy4Life

    Solar Salchichiminator

    oh :) that was you lol, how are things going, when are you coming back? and i understand your point, it best for them to use the class they are most comfortable with in pvp, thanks for you input.
  10. Legacy4Life

    Solar Salchichiminator

    I agree on putting our differences aside and coming together as a real team as this is what is best to have a great Goult team this year, and Solar will benefit in general (Our population is decreasing, which is pretty obvious atm, so if we cant keep it together then what hope do we have). I appreciate the nomination Bochi, i am willing to participate in this years Goult efforts for the sac position, if everything goes accordingly and no major changes happen with my schedule. A little of my 2 cents, If some players like Ferish or Avesta (those are the only 2 i am familiar with) have changed classes to panda/rogue or vise versa, depending on the players, if they are comfortable enough with that class, would it not be wiser to use them for those particular class categories if we are short in number(rogues for example). Exio is one of the best elios i've seen play on this server along with Rosario, im not sure if Exio will be back in time for it though and i dont see Rosario much anymore. Will Riful be back anytime soon? i have not spoken to him since he left Solar. Location is quite skilled and from what i've seen, hes very good, he knows his class well. i havent seen Teleport play as often, so i dont know too much about him but good luck to the both of you. I also beleive, as i am a good friend of Nekko, if he decides to particapate in Goult, he will prefer to go for the Osa class position. but i do believe his eca is quite strong as his Osa is too, it would be nice to see either of them participate with us in the upcoming efforts for Goult. Good Luck to you all i look forward to working with you on preparing for this event.
  11. Legacy4Life


    you still looking for one?
  12. Legacy4Life

    Exos, and services

    Sold... thread CLOSED
  13. Legacy4Life

    S> Ellie's Deluxe Mental Amulet

    Im interested pls PM me IGN : Lux-depaine or just message me pls :) asap
  14. Legacy4Life

    Exos, and services

    Selling for 63mk pm IG or reply here. price negotiable
  15. Legacy4Life

    Exos, and services

    bump... 63mk for the MP/init Bearbaric Band

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