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  1. The-Untamed

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    I wanted to overmage it by 100 vit but then it turned out just differently I guess
  2. The-Untamed

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    I am afraid of my own figures although I switched a few accounts in the past 10 years of playing. Anyhow, you guys might know of the '10,000-hour rule'. At least we can say we have a world class expertise in something...
  3. The-Untamed

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Vit always better than res overmage
  4. The-Untamed

    Good class for upcoming 1v1 Kolosseum

    I rek enough osa's in beta with my full crit damage set up on iop xD
  5. The-Untamed

    Server Fusion

    Any news on what the name of the fused server will be?
  6. The-Untamed

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    A little more chance in here http://dofp.la/P72wq/
  7. The-Untamed

    Goodbye Dofus

    Most of you probably hardly know me, but perhaps you know me as the guy who did some hard dungeons and achievements or as the guy who mastered his osa pvp skills pre-osa OP update. I was asked multiple times to sign up for goult, but I had no time during the holiday and obviously Heros made his return a week before goult and got in. Anyhow, my time has come. I am at the point in my life where I should say goodbye to the game I loved for 8-10 years and take some responsibilities in real life. I enjoyed it a lot. Playing dofus was always that moment of daily rest during my days of school, sports and social life. I decided to quit, because this virtual world is 'worthless'. We're all constantly trying to be the best but when you look out of your window, reality hits you in the face and we all ask ourselves what the actual fuck are we doing. Atleast that's what I often was thinking. I mean are the friends ingame real friends or were they part of the virtual fake life. Don't get me wrong I made some nice friends in this game but these thoughts (and more) troubles me a lot so decided that quiting is the best option. Specially when Aaron (Gros-Hip) past away last month I was struck emotionally even though I had never met the guy irl. We played together for like 3-4 years and there was still so little I knew about him. He was a good friend though. I'll miss him. He and many others made my time enjoyable. Special shoutout to all the Instant nabs. You know who you are. Thankyou all who show real quality. Not going to mention everyone, but you guys carry this whole server. There are to much shitbags and dramaqueens that poisons it. Perhaps I will someday return, but chances are small. Real life is too good. I'm selling everything so coming weeks ill probably still log daily for a few minutes. My merch is on -1,0. Check it out. Cheers Imps and Dofus nabs The-Untamed/The-Tamed
  8. It's always something with paddocks. Previous time it was used as a kamas generator. Jeez Ankama, you no like dragoturkey porn or what?
  9. The-Untamed

    The official newbie question thread!

    Counts as direct damage
  10. The-Untamed

    Post your goals and achievements

    Stealing youtube tactics is making me rich. Only got to get fogger and enu through vortex and bird quests and then i'm done with pvm. F*ck just noticed I don't have limpwrist. I have no clue why
  11. The-Untamed

    Post your goals and achievements

    Yay vortex focus done. It was a nerf racking fight since 1 panda died in wave 3 and 1 rogue died in wave 4. Still happy I managed it! The team comp was double panda, double rogue, elio and an iop! Now I have to leech enu and fogger through in order to get them cloudy's mdr.
  12. The-Untamed

    Post your goals and achievements

    My friend just dropped a nice Vulbis dofus. His luck is unbearable. It was just a single run for achievements with a group pp of 700 total and he drops it.. Even his exo rates are 50%. And I need an average of 1200 tries to land a exo summon. He himself doesn't have imps so I wanted to post it for him. Also he is looking for buyers. Pm Roni ingame. Nomad/seemyools > vulbis but whatever.
  13. The-Untamed

    Merry Christmas!

    "I've been good this year Santa!"
  14. The-Untamed

    Post your goals and achievements

    Well basically need a 220+ lock panda. I used Malitia/bearb/tread set with ginger seemyool and 3 lock trophy's. The resistance is low but that is fine as long as you have a healer. Tactic to kill nidas is just to lock it and on the turns where rest is killed try to get his hp down. When he's down to like 9 or 10k go for the blitz. I cast power on rogue, panda vulned and rogue buffed. Did 2x 5,5k damage which killed him before poutch got killed. Rest is quite simple