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  1. Tajkeez

    Turquoise Quest in 2.29

    Yes lol. Few guys did EH quest, but its really hard cause pvpers everywhere.
  2. Tajkeez

    Turquoise Quest in 2.29

    GG with turquise dofus quest on oto-mustam(heroic) ... Now it will be impossible to obtain it.
  3. C'mon guys. Join us on heroic!!

  4. Tajkeez

    How often should i change set after 150 lvl?

    Just come to heroic :P
  5. Tajkeez

    [Sold]Crimson Dofus

    BUMP, price changed.
  6. Hello im selling Crimson Dofus for 22mk. Pm me asap on imps.
  7. Looking to buy a air maged damage Mush Daggers(2-2.5mk), contact me here or in game /w Tajwos
  8. Tajkeez

    Show off your new colours

    Your rogue looks sexy :3
  9. Tajkeez

    Show off your new colours

    My new eca colours :3 Love it!
  10. Tajkeez


  11. Tajkeez


    Hello, Im selling Karmeleon petsmount for 6.5mk. Pm me via Imps or ign /w Tajwos :)
  12. Tajkeez

    B>Totankama Table

    Hello, Im buying Totankama Table. Pm me via imps or ign /w tajwos and tell me your price :)
  13. I am buying a Slayhound petsmount. Pm me via Imps or ign /w Furiant. #BOUGHT