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Everything posted by EUPHORIA

  1. As the title says, I'm selling some equipment and resources that I've left. Lots of end-game equipment that includes normal mages, overmages and exos. You can check them in my merchant at [0,-1]. https://gyazo.com/5fbbed638cf1877085d53b97907e09e6 https://gyazo.com/b015113ce7171391349c952c41a3be4e If you're interested to buy several items at once we can negotiate about the price. Since I'm really busy in real life lately I won't be logging so often so if you've any questions please leave me a private message here. IGN: Маяко
  2. Kek I've quit two years ago, but there are still some items to sell :^)

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    tnx 4 support. god bless u
  4. As the title says, I'm buying MP/Fire % res exo Deep Sea Bracelet, Range exo Cape of the Sharp Eye and 4% Neutral resistance Sinistrofu boots. Looking for following stats: Ring: 1/0 MP 240+/250 Vitality 56+/60 Chance 45+/50 Wisdom 3/3 Critical hits 1/1 Range 11+/12 Water damage 9+/10 Lock 5/5 MP resistance 11/10 % Fire resistance or 1% Earth resistance Willing to pay between 30-50mk based on how close to perfect it is. Boots: 4/0 % Neutral resistance 290+/300 Vitality 76+/80 Chance 20/20 Wisdom 1/1 MP -16/-16 Earth damage 18/18 Water damage 0+/20 Prospecting 291+/300 Initiative 10/10 % Earth resistance 10/10 % Air resistance 15/15 Neutral resistance 15/15 Water resistance Willing to pay 20-25mk based on the stats. Note about Wisdom: Single wisdom runes work perfectly, so don't tell me you can't get 20 Wisdom. Cape: 1/0 Range 390+/400 Vitality 85+/90 Chance 44+/50 Wisdom 4/4 Critical hits 19+/20 Water damage 0+/15 Prospecting 481+/500 Initiative 6+/7 Dodge 7/7 AP resistance 10/10 % Fire resistance 10/10 % Air resistance Willing to pay between 45-65mk, based on how good Wisdom is and if Water damage and Dodge are maxed or not. NOTE: Stats I'm looking for are MINIMAL. I won't be accepting items with stats below these. Thank you.

    Post your Guts

    Lmao PvP Rob :^) dank shit

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    https://imgur.com/a/wn5PUvU Guess what happened after :(
  7. https://imgur.com/a/gf3qMPa This seem bit easier

    Fight Club [EVENT]

    I did not say you won't have all your points into elemental stats, due to initiative. But you might just use a shield that gives 2-3% ranged damage over that, which makes no big difference in damage but you can just say you've more points into certain elemental stat due reason why your spell hits 5 damage higher :^)

    Fight Club [EVENT]

    Maybe they use a shield for malee/ranged damage and say they put points into elemental stat? :^)

    [B] Top class items

    Henlo Psi, not sure if you ever maged something or know how does it work, but if you think to find a TF belt like that for 20-40mk you must be ********. Of course, not only belt, but that Atcham Cape too. TF belt like that would go for 150M+, and that cape... Well, let's just say you've to drop an AP rune for it and then hope for 2nd Ra VIt to crit success, because that's the only way of landing it. Landing a 2nd Ra Vit is also 1% chance, so practically dropping an exo and exoing an item again... I'd say this item would cost 120M+ at least. Ring you're looking for could be found for 40mk, so Sabres. Also I don't think you'll find such items on Echo (besides that ring maybe) so might consider getting them on FR servers.
  11. Bump! Increasing price for Sinistrofu boots: Based on the stats I'm willing to pay 25-30mk for Neutral % and 20-25mk for Water %.

    Scavenger Hunt: Mods & Memes Edition [EVENT]

    ayyyyyyyy nice tamamo

    Post your goals and achievements

    https://imgur.com/a/mpHRs Posting for a friend. He managed to duo Meno with Sadida and Sacrier in only 16 turns :^) Quedro is a pro

    Post your goals and achievements

    Ayyyyyyyyyy leecher dies always :^)

    Post your goals and achievements

    0mG n1c3 http://prntscr.com/iy83p5 jk :^) rip

    Buying 3 Rings Exos

    Dandere made yesterday a very nice Unstable Ring. If he didn't sell it you should talk to him. Also, I'd recommend you adding your prices so Rob doesn't leave a comment below ur post with something like this: '' You will need to include the price you are charging for each item as per our marketplace guidelines. ''


    ayyyyyyyy nice
  18. Hello everyone. I'm looking to buy 2x AP and 1x MP Bearbaric Wedding Ring. [BOUGHT] Following stats on 1st AP Bearbaric Wedding ring: 1/0 AP 241/250 Vitality 56/60 Chance 56/60 Agility 36/40 Wisdom 1/1 Range 381/400 Initiative 0/10 Prospecting 11/12 Water damage 11/12 Air damage 7/7 % Neutral resistance 7/7 % Earth resistance 7/7 % Fire resistance 5/5 Lock Paying between 20-30mk, based on the stats. Following stats on 2nd AP Bearbaric Wedding ring: 1/0 AP 241/250 Vitality 56/60 Chance 58/60 Agility 38/40 Wisdom 1/1 Range 381/400 Initiative 0/10 Prospecting 0/12 Water damage 12/12 Air damage 7/7 % Neutral resistance 7/7 % Earth resistance 7/7 % Fire resistance 5/5 Lock Paying between 17-20mk, based on the stats. Following stats on MP Bearbaric Wedding ring: 1/0 MP 241/250 Vitality 58/60 Chance 56/60 Agility 38/40 Wisdom 1/1 Range 381/400 Initiative 0/10 Prospecting 12/12 Water damage 0/12 Air damage 7/7 % Neutral resistance 7/7 % Earth resistance 8/7 % Fire resistance 4/5 Lock Paying between 20-22mk, based on the stats. Following stats for MP Barbring: 1/0 MP 241/250 Vitality 25/30 Strength 28/30 Chance 23/25 Wisdom 14/15 Power 5/5 Critical hits 1/1 Summon 0/12 Neutral damage 0/12 Earth damage 12/12 Water damage 8/7 % Fire resistance 7/7 % Air resistance -4 Dodge 5/5 MP reduction Paying between 16-19mk, based on the stats. Note: I won't accept your ring(s) if it/they has any stat below typed one. These stats are minimal. Note 2: In case you're interested to take an order on one of these rings make sure to leave a comment below this post so others can see it and not to try to do the same ring as you are. Thank you. IGN: Маяко
  19. Bump! Last time. Else I guess I'll have to do them on my own.


    rip in peace deejavus
  21. Bump! Bought MP Barbring. Looking for AP Bearbaric Wedding ring more.

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