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  1. Thanks for your comments folks! I appreciate it! Currently I don't have Shadow Helmet codes. What you can do now is to reserve them until I get some more codes to sell again! First to order, first to get!
  2. Bump! Bought Tritun Palms 4% Air Res and Allister's Crown 2% Air Res.
  3. Nabur all the way. It's 1st announced so there will be most interest in it.
  4. Bump! Dropped the price down to 85mk on Skullcrasher. I am also gonna have Shadow Helmets in stock tonight so you can reserve them if you are interested.
  5. Someone who believed it's that rare to be worth 225mk :')
  6. Sold for 225mk! Can close the thread. Thank you.
  7. As the title says, I'm selling Twitch Shield code! Super rare code ready to be sold! Only one in stock! Starting price: 225mk One who offer 225mk as minimum, or anyone else who bids higher than that will get this beautiful piece! If you are interested you can leave a comment below or message me in-game or on Discord. IGN: Маяко Discord: Маяко#6340
  8. Due to demand for Shadow Helmet I increased the price to 110M. Reason to that is it doesn't benefit me selling for lower. Whoever is interested can reserve them either here or in private message.
  9. Bump! Added Tritun Palms 4% Air Resist to the list! Also increased the price on several items from the list.
  10. If I continue like this I'm expecting ''supporter'' roll.
  11. Bump! Added Lord of the Rats' Ceremonial Boots Vitality overmage to the list! Non of the following items I'm looking for has been maged so you can give them a shot! If you happen to land lower level items by Thursday I am willing to pay you some extra.
  12. It won't be able. That's the funny part. Everyone starts from 0.
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