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  1. https://gyazo.com/e8cffcfeed494be04dc011cb5ae15b21
  2. \:: MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, char1 MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, char2 MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, char3 MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, char4 MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, char5 MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, char6 MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, char7 MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, char8 ControlClick, x%xpos% y%ypos%, Dofus 2.52.0:1 return F1:: WinActivate, char1 F2:: WinActivate, char2 F3:: WinActivate, char3 F4:: WinActivate, char4 F5:: WinActivate, char5 F6:: WinActivate, char6 F7:: WinActivate, char7 F8:: WinActivate, char8 . . . 1st thing is for auto moving all characters to desired cell. Also works for joining fights and talking to npc. All you have to do is to move your mouse and click, in this case, \ for all characters to move. On a current script I sent, automove button is \, but you can change that if you like. (put button you'd like to use before ::) 2nd thing is f1-f8 character switching, handy once you are in fight.
  3. Bump! Out of stock of Skullcrasher Shields. What you can do now is to reserve them, should have more in upcoming days.
  4. Prespic parts with reflect damage are failing Blitz, yeah. As well as if you get a challenge ''female must kill'' but monster is low hp and attacks a male character with prespic set on. If it gets killed while attacked male character it's gonna fail the challenge. Same situation with Osamoda's spell that can summon back a dead character. If Osamoda is male and it summons a female character it's counted as Osamoda's summon (means male no matter the actual gender) and it will fail the challenge ''female must kill'' if you happen to kill with summoned character. The hax trick you should know about these challenges: You can kill a summon no matter the gender, it won't fail this challenge. So yeah, watch out on these. There's probably a few more things but I can't remember them right now. If you have an Osamoda you can do the challenge ''Two for piece of one'' without failing if a summon kills only one enemy. Haven't tried with summoned character, but an actual summon doesn't fail this challenge if kill only one enemy. You probably know this as this should be the same case on 2.0 version.
  5. As the title says, I'm buying following resources: Aspen Sap/Log: 5.5mk/each Pandora Ghost Fabric: 85kk/each Amount doesn't matter, just message me here with amount you are willing to sell as I'm busy playing 1.29 and barely logging. You can also contact me on Discord. Thank you in advance. Discord: Маяко#6340
  6. Yeah, more than 90% English players are currently on Algathe. If you don't wanna wait until server merge happens (ask God when) then might as well considering to join us there.
  7. Hi, I would like to apply for an Imps MOD. I hope rules are not as hard as applying for Dofus MOD. [Removed]
  8. Welcome back! You might get disappointed in Echo though. Most of the people, including Youb, play Dofus 1.29 now. Retro, server Algathe. Feel free to give it a hand, see how it goes. Really good English community on this server, so generally community and economy. You can enjoy playing alive server instead of being on Echo.
  9. If you are looking to be part of the same guild he is just message me there. IGN: Marko
  10. Algathe is definitely server with many English players. I even met many French players that speak English fluently due to big English population on this server, so this server is perfectly balanced to me, community wise
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