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  1. https://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/129379-fml-dofus-version/ F
  2. Guess since no one posted anything for this year I'll open a season with this exo. Shame about Intelligence, but o'well. https://gyazo.com/666b2273ae4bb735e8a07832f65ae417?token=1f5da7264873ea2a209d9733c0f3c773
  3. Ilyzaelle is a good choice. And yes, it's extremely active. Here's also an active Discord group full of players from Echo that went on there: https://discord.gg/XQXsvTS On your question if 200mk is enough for a PvP set it's all based on character you're playing and how many sets do you wanna have. And Retro is/has falling/fell apart due to recent rollback because of one more duplication exploit. So I don't recommend you playing on Retro, unless you wanna quit very quickly fully disappointed you ever started it at 1st place.
  4. Bump! Got 2x Skullcrasher shields available! Price is 110mk for each.
  5. https://discord.gg/6KEbVe - Echo Discord https://discord.gg/erHfQm - Dofus Discord https://discord.gg/YBQe8r - Ilyzaelle Discord with all the people who left from Echo to play there
  6. I'm not sure if we have such scripts for 2.0 Dofus. Gravestorm made such for 1.3 Dofus, but I haven't seen any auto logging and auto grouping scripts for 2.0 Dofus.
  7. Bump! Still looking for it, no one took an order so far.
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