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  1. One of the reasons I turned more into 1.29 is exactly that. Everything is stable, no changes, it's like it used to be and will be like it is, forever. I got sick of ''class balancings'', constant item buffing/nerfing, questing Dofuses and such. I myself was never a person that's gonna quest (4.1k achiv points prove it), which is kind of the point now if you wanna progress in game. Also the fact it forces you to have achievement points (dungeons done with certain criteria) so you can play Infinity Dreams and buy stuff out of it? No thanks. I realized nowdays server Echo is just not economical at all, barely anything sells on it. So if you wanna get new equipment you might as well consider buying kamas/ogrines all over. Echo is now all about Korriander dungeon spam and %off buyers. Server is falling apart, some people do realize that, some not. No doubt that for most of you it's interesting to do quests/dungeons with certain achievements to waste your time, but there's no point doing that on a server where nothing is happening besides stuff you are doing. Server with only selfprogress. That's simply not a server people should waste their time on. Real stuff why you should join us on 1.29: Active PvP - Low level, so high level Good economy - Easy to make kamas and progress further Those are just one of the things why I prefer 1.29 rather than Echo. In my opinion Echo is just a trash server nowdays which is gonna fall apart completely in no-time, and I'm sure many people can agree with me on this one. If you are as well sick of constant changes in-game and just wanna play the game how it is, join us on 1.29! See you there!
  2. Imagine it's questable now and you can do it in 3-4 days. With that money you can buy idols/pp sets and get it on 8 chars instead of buying one :v) But anyway, atm it might go 80-100mk, within 3 months will be 30
  3. Hello everyone! As the title says, I'm looking for near perfect/perfect Treadfast Boots with critical resistance overmage. Looking for these stats: -2/-16 Critical resistance For each extra critical res paying 500kk (And for each positive critical resistance 1mk) 395/400 Vitality For each extra vitality paying 300kk 47/50 Wisdom For each extra wisdom paying 750kk 73/75 Power For each extra power paying 750kk 1/1 MP Rest maxed (13 dmgs, 8% Fire res, 8 AP res) Paying 15mk for minimal requirement. ***Note*** These stats are minimal. I won't be accepting any stats below. Thank you in advance, IGN: Маяко
  4. Not sure what is it about, but whatever you need or do you get a Masq for it :v)
  5. Had a feeling I'm gonna land some stupid shit like this few minutes before maintenance starts h
  6. Pandora Ghost Fabric - 120kk/each Puffed Frosteez / PF Bread - 500kk/each Aspen Sap / Aspen Log - 4mk/each Queen's Belt - 13kk/each
  7. I think you're the only true PvPer of Echo, Uthman
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