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    S> Minowang [Closed]

    I sell 9,075,000
  2. Hello everyone! I'm doing XP power leveling from level 1 to 200. Price is 40mk. Since Ankama decided to remove the stars and add a %bonusor (-% XP bonus depending on how many fights are in area you're leveling at) to make XPing harder I won't be lowering the price. In case you need several characters leveled we can negotiate about the price. It takes me maximally 4 days to have your character done. How's the payment gonna work: - You will give me 25mk at the beginning for leveling from 1 to 199 level. Once I reach level 199 you will give me the rest so I continue leveling your character to level 200. What am I gonna need from you before I start leveing your character: - Account subscribed 1 week - Low level wisdom set (Includes: Cawwot Dofus, Prespic hat and cape, Adelus belt, Treechnid Root Wand, Pin of Mhete amulet, Bow Wow and 2x Sillimelle's Wedding rings). Pricing for XP multipliers: - Double XP multiplier: 30mk (20mk at the beginning till 199, 10mk afterwards till 200). - Triple XP multiplier: 23mk (16mk at the beginning till 199, 7mk afterwards till 200). - Quadruple XP multiplier: 15mk (10mk at the beginning till 199, 5mk afterwards till 200). By having any of these multipliers it also means it will take me less to have your character done. If you are interested in my service leave a comment below this post or privately message me either here or in-game. ~ Маяко
  3. Hello everyone! As the title says, I'm selling some nicely maged equipment for a quite fair price. AP Tritun Ring: 30mk MP/1% Earth res Bearb Band: 22mk 3% Earth res Treadfast amulet: 18mk 2% Water res Captain Amakna Shield: 14mk Message me here privately or message me in-game when you catch me online if you are interested in any of these items. Thanks.

    Maybe coming back.

    I'd suggest you to start playing on French servers (Ush or Meriana) if you know how to speak French or if you are gonna run your own team so don't need to know language that well to handle the stuff. Reason why I'm suggesting you this is because community is enormously higher and because Echo server (only English server you have) is pretty much dead. Also because resources, so equipment, are way cheaper on French community, so assuming you're a returning player with no kamas and gear and willing to buy some... well if that's the case then definitely save your time and money by joining one of these servers and I'm sure you will enjoy the community way more than you would enjoy this English community.

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Recently started playing again so that's the reason I haven't posted any ''awesome'' mage yet. Also there's no point posting it here when there's barely anyone to see it, so yeah... I don't wanna waste my time to show them off here.

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    I thought this is a thread for ''awesome'' mages, damn.

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Yeah, prefer chilling at [-1,0] on Masq rather than playing the game with it. Also because people would be very surprised, not to say amazed, to see me actually playing this game. Prefer them to think I'm doing nothing besides chilling. :v)

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    I was also thinking to run this combo but without Masq (Panda, Elio, Iop, Eni). Additional characters I'd use are Enu and Rogue. Enu for, as you said, Protoz Statue and Rogue for duos and trios. Not sure if I should add a Masq there, but if you think it's necessary I will gear one. Thanks for your reply.

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to make a team of 6 to run all the dungeons with (all or almost all achievements) so looking for your opinions. Thanks!

    S> 3% earth res Catseye Bow

    Lmao more like 3mk>your bow>2mk

    omg qued legit quitting???

    I'm just wondering how long did it take you to write this shit down... Jk, Qued I'm sorry to hear that you are quitting, gonna miss you. But yeah, good luck with your real life stuff but I still have that little doubt in me that you will come back and play with us again. #waitingforthatmoment
  12. Last price update, won't be going lower on equipment than this:
  13. Bump! Dropped the prices on certain equipment.
  14. Bump! Sold Dofuses and Coulive items. Also dropped the prices on stuff. Feel free to check out.