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  1. Hey, there is an Alliance on Ilyzaelle called Unity. It's for english speaking players. I recently started Dofus 2.0 after a long while and I'm enjoying it there. I'm a part of Einherjar, fun and helpful buch of people. PM me in game, I'm around your lvls now and always down for some dungeons and fun, IGN: Samudra
  2. hit me up if you want to play together on Rushu, I just got back myselfe and I'm a solo player enjoying the game with others. IGN: Bhiru See ya !
  3. Thank you for your answer. My Royal Gobball Hat gives me 70 str, so the Pods will be identical as with what you used (due to 1 str = 5 pods). At 120 probably Dora Bora is better? Not sure why this amulet?
  4. I've searched through the forums but I couldn't find the answer. What would be the ultimate set for Pods for a char below lvl 100? Thanks!
  5. Thank you. What about elements? Should I keep my Sadi STR and go for something else for Iop? What are the resonable options nowadays?
  6. My post got lost on previous page. Can I get some advice? Thanks!
  7. What I Have : STR Sadi (low lvl) What I Want : A team of two efficient enough to do PvM Number of New Accts: 1 Goal: I want to be able to do PvM and Dungs (are there sadi duos?) Leaning Toward: - Extra Comments: I rejoined Rushu with a new account and after reading the sadi revamp decided to try it out. I would like to run a team of 2 (maybe some time in the future around epic lvls I could run 2 more so a team of 4). I want the "Sadi+another" team to be able to get themselves through stuff untill around 150, 180 maybe? Thanks in advance!
  8. I decided to come back to Dofus. Started fresh on Rushu 2 days ago. Rushu Was the server I started 10 years ago but I never came back here and instead I have spent my years (on and off) on Solar server. I am looking for chilled people to play with, post here if you are interested or talk to me at IGN: Bahuka So again, Hi and have a nice afternoon everyone :)
  9. I am loughing my ass of. You won my friend! Congrats to you both. I myselfe started on beta Rushu, many breaks on the way, something drags me back every time.
  10. it's old but the problem isn't fixed and probably people would do what you are saying but not most of them, a lot of people that play alone or use 2 chars like myselfe would benefit!
  11. my question wasn't answered. can I ask for some advices? -thank you
  12. I'll put some life in the topic by saying Team Search needs rethinking! Few use it (if anybody) so here are my suggestions: - bonus rewards (loot/xp) would be nice for both players looking for a group and the ones looking to fill their small party - a group of nice achivments for using Team Search Mechanism - achivments are always good to put an interest into specific area of the game - a way for people to get together and set a date and time for a specific dungeon, others could sign up and then log and enjoy the game! Just from the top of my head, what do you guys think?
  13. i'll join in on the topic with a question. what to put stat points into an int eca? after scrolling 101 should i put points into int, or maybe vit? what are the pros and cons of putting then either int or vit?
  14. Iop lvl 149 (str) Eca lvl 90ish, almost in Feudala set (I want him to both heal and do dmg) will be int/agi later with cere set/tengu (good idea?) My question is, what char/chars (max chars in team 4, preferably 3) should i make to cover all content (later at higher lvls) and to be able to do Duo achivments with those chars. Thanks
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