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  1. Looking to purchase an AP Maged Bear Wedding Ring, my Desired stats are: 240+ Vitality 54+ Chance 57+ Agility 35+ Wisdom 1 Range 10/11 Water Damage 12 Air Damage 300+ Initiative 7% Neutral Res 7% Earth Res 7% Fire Res 5 Lock The price is negotiable, but i'm looking to pay around 17mil for the ring. You can PM me on my Characters Aveal, Voe, Uul, Coi, and Pem. Or send me a message on Imps. :)
  2. I'm selling my MP Maged Malitiaman Hat, i'm looking to get around 16mil for it. Willing to Haggle for Kamas. You can PM me in game if interested on any my characters Aveal, Uul, Coi, Voe, and Pem.
  3. Selling MP Mali Hat, Vortex Belt!

    Pathogastrics Sold!
  4. Looking to get 30mil for the Malitiamen Hat, 18mil for the Vortex Belt. Absolutely willing to negotiate. You can find me here or PM me in game on Aveal, Uul, Coi, or Voe!
  5. Selling Range Exo Mantax!

    I've updated my price after consideration to 28mil for the Axe, it is on my merchant, but if you need you can still reach me here if interested in the item. :)
  6. I'm looking to sell it for 28mil, let me know either here or in game if you are interested in it! My characters names are Aveal, Uul, and Voe if you need to contact me.
  7. Rushu's Top Leeching Service!

    I'm online with Two spots open! PM Uul or Spit-Shine if interested~
  8. Rushu's Top Leeching Service!

    Online with two spots open!
  9. Buying Atcham Fragment 1/8

    Only missing Fragment 1/8, buying at 4.5mil.
  10. Offering 4.5mil for an Atcham Fragment 1/8, Fragment 6/8 found.
  11. Selling Air res Exo Malitiamen Hat, no longer looking for an MP Exo. Looking for a cheap Ringaling/Vortex Belt, let me know if you have one for sale~ Also buying Atcham Fragments 1 and 6.
  12. Buying Atcham Fragment 1/8

    Bumping, need two of Fragment 1/8, and a 6/8. Reply here or PM me ingame if you have them!
  13. Buying Atcham Fragment 1/8

    Fragment Six purchased!
  14. Buying Atcham Fragment 1/8

    Fragment Five purchased, PM me if you find the others and are willing to sell!