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  1. Class: Ecaflip Build: Agi/Str but open to ideas. Kamas/time available: I have no limit on kamas. Current team: Enu/Iop/Eca/Eni/Panda/Cra/Masq Lvl range: 200, final set. Extra comments: Looking for the best possible. 12/5 preferable. PvM
  2. Heyo Guys! First of all, if any of you remember me hit me up! I'm looking for friends to chat with while I play. I'm returning after a few years to an apparently unchanged Str/Agi Ecaflip. I am magically level 200 after that update so it's time for Endgame baby! I'd love some advice on what character to play, sets and how to spend my points. Omni intrigues me. If I resurrect my team it is: Enu/Panda/Iop/Eca/Masq/Eni/Cra and another that I can't remember (lol). Any advice or opinions are welcome and greatly appreciated. My god the nostalgia right now. Much Love, Heavenly
  3. Hi Guys! I know a friend who started up a YouTube channel dedicated to making guides to assist the Dofus community! It's only just started up and is taking its first steps towards regular and high-quality content. Please give it a go! Leave any suggestions or requests for guides in the comments! I'll make sure to get in contact with Blip with them. You can also reply here with feedback and suggestions! You can find the YouTube channel here. Short Synopsis: With over 10k achievement points - Blippero has been playing Dofus since its creation; forging friendships and skills over many years! She wants to now spread that knowledge and other helpful tips to any of those who are interested. Give the channel a go and hopefully you'll find something that helps you out. Give it a go, hopefully it helps! Kind Regards, Heavenly
  4. Class: Iop(Strength) / Eni (Intel) / Panda (Chance) /Masq (Agi) Kamas/time available: 200mk Current team: 199 Eca / 190 Iop / 190 Eni / 190 Panda / 190 Masq Lvl range: 190-199 Extra comments: I'm happy to wait until late 190's to gear my alts. They're leveling as wisdom at the moment. Also happy to pay for ogrines if I need more kamas. PvM oriented
  5. Class: Ecaflip Build: Str/Agi Kamas/time available: 100mk / Lot's of time Current team: Eca/Iop/Enu/Eni/Masq/Panda Lvl range: 199 (Endgame) Extra comments: I don't mind forking out $$$ to push my Eca onto better things. PvP or PvM: PvM
  6. With that Str/Agi set, I would prefer 11AP (2x 4ap + 3ap spells). How can I achieve that?
  7. Class: Ecaflip Build: Str/Agi Kamas/time available: 70mk / Lot's of time Current team: Eca/Iop/Enu/Eni/Masq/Panda Lvl range: 190+ (Endgame) Extra comments: I don't mind forking out $$$ to push my Eca onto better things. I'll probably be 199 in a week or two, so don't worry about the items being too high for me. PvP or PvM: PvM
  8. Hey, that first link is broken. Thank-you very much for helping me out! Sorry to be such a hassle! Edit: I think that I can just cluck Stuff#3, seems like an awesome set! Do you think I should go Agi/Str or go Mono Str for the time being? From the set it seems hybrid. Still better than my shitty Moo by far! Thank-you!
  9. Class: Ecaflip Build: Strength (maybe Str/Agi) Kamas/time available: 50mk Current team: 183 Eca (wis/str) /120 Iop (str) / 88 Enu (cha) / 86 Eni (int) / 76 Masq (agi) / 75 Panda (cha) Lvl range: 179-183 (let me know if I should just wait 7 more levels) Extra comments: If you think I should wait and just leech up to a better level, let me know. I will be changing from pure Str, to Str/Agi for pre-endgame. My endgame will probably be full Omni. At the moment I am in a Moo set and struggling to carry my 6-man team through content (which is why I came here for advice). Side note: All of my characters are wisdom based, every single one. I will be giving my old Moo set to my Iop when the time comes. My eca is scrolled in Wis/Str, other than that all points are in Wis. PvP or PvM oriented: PvM
  10. That's because he's calling a function that does not exist. Maybe he used an older version of AHK, what he is trying to achieve is no longer possible in the way that he's attempted it (from what I can tell). I'll test some things and edit this post if I work it out. I fixed it, it was quite simple. Wherever he copied this code from, or maybe he edited it, he left out the function ShowWindow(TheWindowName). I also took the liberty of removing everything related to automation, seeing the new Ankama anti-bot measures are brutal. It will only give you keybindings now. I also added a line that allows you to press Ctrl+Space to quickly iterate through your characters. Code below, fill in your own character's names. ; ----------------------------------------------------------------- ; Declare Your hotkeys in this section ; Replace the example names with your own, delete any unnecessary ones ; or comment them out with a semicolon ; ----------------------------------------------------------------- ; ---- these are samples ---- GroupAdd, Dofus, ahk_class ApolloRuntimeContentWindow ^Space::GroupActivate, Dofus, r F1::ShowWindow("Character") F2::ShowWindow("Character-2") F3::ShowWindow("Character-3") F4::ShowWindow("Character-4") F5::ShowWindow("TestCharacter") F6::ShowWindow("TestCharacter2") F7::ShowWindow("TestCharacter3") F8::ShowWindow("TestCharacter4") ; ----------------------------------------------------------------- ; Function for toggling windows ; ----------------------------------------------------------------- #WinActivateForce ShowWindow(TheWindowTitle) { SetTitleMatchMode,3 IfWinExist, %TheWindowTitle% WinActivate Else { DetectHiddenWindows, On IfWinExist, %TheWindowTitle% { WinShow WinActivate } } } ToggleWindowHide(TheWindowTitle) { SetTitleMatchMode,2 DetectHiddenWindows, On IfWinActive, %TheWindowTitle% { WinMinimize, %TheWindowTitle% WinHide, %TheWindowTitle% } Else { IfWinExist, %TheWindowTitle% WinActivate Else { DetectHiddenWindows, On IfWinExist, %TheWindowTitle% { WinShow WinActivate } } } }
  11. Digging up an old thread. Is this still a viable tool / legit? Anyone have any recent experience with it?
  12. I kinda made Eca get a lot of the Str spells. Maybe I could go Agi/Str on Eca? Otherwise I will need to get rid of some spells somehow - and I'm currently wis based. --- I've never had a team before. What levels should I get them to before going off on my own and soloing? They are all currently wisdom base and under level 120 (Eca is 182 but also Wis). It sucks to hear that Sacs are bad now. I'd fully scrolled it :( I will consider rolling the Iop. As for it's element, should I just go pure STR, or add some Agi as well? If my Eca is unviable with agi/str I may need to change it up. I will need to find class guides for my team (have never played eni, e.t.c.) - I hope the ones in the sticky are up to date! Thank-you for all of your help!
  13. So you all recommend I either go Mono or Hybrid? I can probably drop money on Ogrines and get 50k O -> Kamas (~45mk). I guess I'll need to gear my alts, so I should start conservatively? I've never had a team before - so I have no idea how to "farm mats" or methods people use to get properly geared / efficient. I will search through Imps and try to find some tips. I'm not even sure whether I should leech my 180 Eca to endgame or work on my team. I'd like a build that is fairly cost efficient, but dynamic so that I can eventually gear and spell scroll it to Omni (so like "I can sell it without loss and with ease to upgrade gear later on"). (So nothing will block me or be annoying when I want to change). I've only ever played a STR ecaflip (and only in 2012 lel), so I have no idea as to the soft caps on other stats. I also don't know how to scroll characteristics efficiently anymore. In my team I have: Ecaflip 180 (Currently Wis [save me plz] - Not sure what to do with it) - I have scrolled Wis/Str Sacrier 136 (Wis - Will probably be Agi) Enu 80 (Wis - Will be Cha) Eni 80 (Wis - Will be Int) Panda 23 (Wis - Will be hybrid, but start as Cha - not sure about this, please recommend). I made a post in Team Help but there are a lot of other people (and I accidentally turned it into a "what should I gear my Eca with" topic, I got some awesome advice though (that my sacrier is now worthless, lol). I do have a ~100 Iop on the same account as sacrier - so I could change the class. Any other advice would be appreciated! - Sorry that my post turned into a bit of a long-haul! You've all been amazing, I'm looking forward to playing again!
  14. Thank-you for your help! Edit: I have moved the discussion over here: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/87251-class-guides-v20/page-9#entry1399729. Coincidentally, my team came up so I started discussing it there >_>
  15. Is that an endgame set? Item levels seem kind of low :o . (I have no experience with these kind of things sorry - been gone for so long)
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