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  1. New batch, Black Friday CXlearance sale Merch " Eniripsa " at [6,-19] selling lots of resources for 1/4th the average price; get it before its gone; will reduce price to ashes to get rid of it
  2. for eniripsa merch at [6,-19] i lowered ALL prices, everything must go, still willing to negotiate
  3. Quiting willing to nego, prices are already cheap af
  4. new server invite: https://discord.gg/JsvV95X People from "Unique" guild (Clint, Killstation, Tortura...) banned everyone from the discord and deleted everything, they did this on purpose to make a discord and to be the only one managing it because their life sucks. They made an other discord for Echo, please do not share it, this discord will remain the one dedicated to Echo, we are fixing everything asap, you can already share the invite:
  6. To be fair, i am actually very happy with the success of the retro servers because this helps old timers return and revives the game a bit and if i wasn't busy I also would also be playing there (while also playing Echo). However the point I'm trying to make is Echo still has a good population and is still enjoyable.
  7. imagine not imagining anything and everyone respecting everyone's opinion and not getting emotional about it / butt hurt and respecting all servers and enjoying the game????
  8. False, Echo has pvp if you participate in the AVA perc/prism fights between Curse, Rage, Grand. Also you can see we also have a server discord for Echo at https://discord.gg/vNM25Zy and you can see the activity for yourself. However i do agree with you on the fact that the servers overall population is decreasing because of players leaving for Temporis, Retro, Oto, Shadow, Tournaments, French/Spanish/Etc community , Ilzyaele, Dofus Touch but to say Echo is dead and etc is a bit of a stretch because there is still alot of activity on the server and yes it had more active times (after merge) i think the population is still healthy.
  9. Keep hearing people say "Echo is dead" come on and check out our discord! far from dead folks
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