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  1. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Is the whole Iop/Enu/Panda/Elio meta dead now? Because 3 out of 4 of those classes have been nerfed hard. Unless variants save 'em, idk.
  2. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    There're quite a lot of nerfs and buffs in this update... *grabs popcorn*
  3. Spell Variants

    From 2k tormenting arrows for 6ap to 4ap(?) 5k dmging punitive and atonement arrows. ok ankama
  4. Spell Variants

    Just to confirm (according to the recent news from Gankama); aren't these new spells entirely, rather than variants? I thought they were dropping that whole concept and are just adding 21 new spells.
  5. Dofus 2.43 Changelog

    It makes sense, according to the overall lore, and the recent Dofus film, Julith.
  6. Dofus 2.43

    I feel as if another alignment set is missing, making three in total rather than two. In the first image of the bonta alignment sets, you can see a pair of boots and a headgear, but there seems to be no information about them? edit; so I watched the stream and one set is missing, the intcha one
  7. Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    Going by this example alone, are you complaining that Ankama is... and I quote you, patching their game because people were exploiting bugs and glitches?
  8. Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    Now this (and the entirety of your post) I agree with 100%. I believe that Ankama has lost its value of 'fun'. Recently I did a MF duo which took ~3 attempts because I simply YouTube'd an 'autowin' video. The fight took about 7 minutes, and I felt no sense of achievement whatsoever because I knew it'd take far too much time to find another method. I agree; Dofus has lost its former glory, however, I'd like to believe that this update is a good step in the 'right direction'. Nevertheless, I'd rather have the economy decay to allow everyone to have access to the games content, than to let the hardcore players control resources etc.
  9. Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    However, when a good majority of the community is complaining about content being inaccessible due to the difficultly resided within, is it wrong to take the communities criticism into account to please the majority (not all) of the community? It's worth taking into account that Dofus is an MMORPG, thus it has the ability to be reworked and revised over. As time moves on, new equipment and content is released, allowing classes to be stronger as they have access to new items. This is a simple cycle which applies to almost every single MMORPG (hell, recently games as well, such as FFXV adding more story elements to enhance the overall experience of the game as somethings didn't make sense). As far as I know, Tot's 'vision' of Dofus (and all the other games/animations) was to make a multi-media universe -where players can experience the lore and story in great depth as they advance through the content (in Dofus' case). Catering dungeons only for the elite completely contradicts what Ankama is aiming for, as people wouldn't be able to access such lore and story. Hell, due to the recent complexity in content, people whom wish to play for fun and/or with others will still be restricted as there is so much they can due. This is a great generalisation, but I'm baffled as to why certain people (I'm assuming hardcore gamers) are against the idea of making dungeons more accessible to others. I can only assume it'd be due to pride.
  10. Letter to the community

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "it needs to be on tablets and mobile" since there will be a PC version. Ankama imported Dofus to tablets and mobile, while still retaining its depth. There are minor differences between both the mobile and PC version of Dofus, however, all the content is still there. I see nothing wrong with Ankama giving choice, allowing players to play on a PC/Tablet/Mobile.
  11. Letter to the community

    Honestly speaking, I think making a completely new game is the best thing Ankama could do. 2.0 has had its fair share of ups and downs lately, due to the elitist content, lack of communication and also including the fact that the community is dying off rapidly, with no new costumers coming in; non-existent advertisement and the recent Steam release which seems to have been a flop (since it has never been brought up again). I personally believe starting a new game (which appears to take the best of both Dofus and Wakfu, appealing to both audiences) would be best. With sufficient advertisement, communication and good game play, which I'd be confused if Ankama failed in this department, the game should be successful. I'm no game developer, but doing a 2.0 to 3.0 (like when 1.29 converted to 2.0), while keeping 12 years worth of content intact, seems to be no easy task. It'd be incredibly time consuming, and would fail to address the issues the game currently has. Edit: Sometimes I think it'd be best for the game to completely reset (hence Dofus 3), and start anew. FFXIV did something similar, creating ARR, and seems to be one of the best MMOs to exist currently.
  12. Merry Christmas!

    I've been good this year Santa!
  13. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    Dofus: New and Improved. A bit sad 2.0 wont be automatically converted into 3.0, like they did with 1.29. It'll be a bit jarring alternating between the two games. Edit: However, I can see the reason as to why. It'll be fun starting again(?)/anew from level 1.
  14. Post your goals and achievements

    Yaaassss dude. Such a controversial duo Shatter the meta of panda/rogue. tho the dimension buff kinda rekt'd that meta anyway