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  1. 50mk is my price i add a lot of extra archis too ( like 80) , pm me on box, lu-damages
  2. LordAntani

    Post your goals and achievements

    This describe perfectly that pvm is RIP, well played!
  3. LordAntani

    B > Dofus VULBIS 330mk

    Raised PRICE!
  4. I paid 50mk for the perfect cubist shield + ap if this can help :)
  5. LordAntani

    B> Nidas ring 3% FEU 25mk!

    UP price raised of 10mk!
  6. 3% FIRE RESISTANCE % 240+/250 vit 38+/40 int 48+/50 wisd 1 summon 12 fire damage 7+/10 heals 10/10 dodge 5/5 mp reduction 10/10 earth resistance % Pm me on forum! UP! PRICE RAISED TO 25mk!
  7. LordAntani

    B > Ice dofus 30mk

    Pm there or in game W/ Lu-Trovo
  8. LordAntani

    Old Bugs

    Not a real bug but hey , gilbert g. rapier still have the "-xxx hp" intead of initiative, and this hurt my eyes.
  9. LordAntani

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Fun fact is how many times the range dropped on the maging lol
  10. I trade for one mp exo with 6mp reduction and 37+ wisd 11 damage 48+ elemental stats 236+ vitality
  11. LordAntani

    B > Ebony and indigo seemyool chamo 4mk

    up ,breeders where are you

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