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  1. Hello people, I happened to have resources ready to craft new legendary shield [Fallanster's Rectitude]. Just waiting to find a buyer, you can reach me IG to talk about price. PMs for : Carebear27/Tupacca
  2. I was trying %3 it didn't go well so i decided to put mp on it..
  3. Over 500 tries but its worth it at the end
  4. Thanks for the fixing and PM in game and yeah i guess many people are sad about good player quiting as always since i am one of missing those old days and friends its sad that u quiting
  5. I really dont know why you start acting like this but i should should answer u and let you know about things.Since u dont know thing about our team play together with our goult /tournament combos u shouldnt make people miss understood us. While we fight we always give advices to each other but noone tells each other what to do. And the reason about we teaming up with each other is we all have good connection and we undertand our game plays and we are prob only guys who practises for goult for whole year. And for the Rush'u tournamnet some people tallking about my bad performance in fights (mostly you) as i wrote in ur goult thread i was planing to team up with Grenadier at first then he had to go for business trip so he couldnt play on dates and my exams were exactly on tournament dates so i decided not to participate at all but at the last day of registiration Alb and Romo came and asked me to random team up to fill last spot cuz there was 15 teams in total would make things strange 1 team couldnt fight at all so i joined just for them made a team with my p2ped chars also i made Houssam(Tabu) to come play with me so i wouldnt need to play 4 chars myself so i ended up playing 3chars myself is hard to focus when u study 12 hours at day and i had no strategy/goal for tournament p.s: You are putting yourself in really bad situation agaisnt ur friends who were respecting you. I wonder what happend to you but you should really get urself and stop trying to be jerk
  6. took few tries but :P https://gyazo.com/e960f00e484d9478ee9f9a952ad135ba https://gyazo.com/edc7eece27e789b62a31cf1635e1892e Leeching Enu and 2nd Panda done too
  7. Well yeah its really rare and u need to be really lucky you can see how lucky i was at first 4 rune success in row hh but sadly ap didnt success back
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