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  1. Good evening people, I have recently joined in the game after more than 2-3 years of sleep and felt like doing Kralove after such a long while :) Since i couldn't find the old topic of this, i decided to open a new one with dates added ;) Jio
  2. PM me in game Emoogi/Ajini. Wanna ask a couple of question about some OMs :).
  3. Jiohin

    Kralove Opening Thread

    Bringing this back to life. Anyone thinking of opening it soon?
  4. Jiohin

    Osamodas Revamp

    that's some rediculous changes :o the only thing i missed, did that guy have like +7 or +8 summons to be able to spam that many tofuses?
  5. Jiohin

    Rushu goult thread #1

    Hmm, i think i'll try hitting on for the spot of cra too this year :) Sui ^_^
  6. Jiohin

    Eca dimension soon

    Can't wait for the osa comeback, been so long since i haven't played a summoner ^
  7. So i shall see some new types of Youtube videos called ''Welcome to my Dofus crib'' in the near future.
  8. Life happened. You can't expect people who were in their teens 5-7 years ago still be playing Dofus, sadly, but most don't have time for games anymore.
  9. Jiohin

    Whale dungeon

    I'm not entirely sure, but i had issues attracting the boss too when my panda wasn't having the highest ini on the team. After getting it first it all went smooth. Sui ^_^
  10. Jiohin

    Whale dungeon

    There's no bacterrible on 5 loot, you might be talking about Pathogerm . Either way, as a 4 loot fella i'd suggest you pushing Viring into the wall till it has 0mp, and having boss next to ur panda as soon as possible since i believe he is your tanker, while keeping Vermino and Bashillus somewhere else, and having them away with iop/feca (may require some mp rape on feca). Now you may wonder why having them both there alive, well, the reason is for you to spam your aoe spells and kill Merm quicker and once boss is dead you can kill one Verm first and keeping Bashillus for dessert :) Hope you got some decent idea. Sui ^_^
  11. Jiohin

    Shika Goultarminator 2015

    Holy f*****g shit this tread is funny to read XD Suiten
  12. Jiohin

    Kralove opening 18:00

    Could atleast warn about this 2-3 days before actually doing it <_<
  13. Stats are : +1MP +90initiative +280/300 hp +47/50 str +44/50 int +45/50 cha +3/3 CH +8/10 neutral dmg +9/10 earth dmg +6/10 Heals -7/-7 dodge +9/10 critical dmg +10/10 earth resistance Looking for around 40mk for it. Willing to trade it for AP kringlove (with heals on it) + kamas or turq dofus + kamas. Hit me in game or leave a message here. Emoogi

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