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  1. (WAY WAY OFF TOPIC) Marijuana Prunning

    Fabric pots meaning RhizoPots, I assume? Or are you using a different fabric potting system brand? I highly recommend RhizoPots over any other brand if you want to use a fabric pot. Are you a big-time grower with BudBox/Mammoth tents scattered around with 6/750 or 1000w Gavita's inside or are you on the smaller side of things; with a Bay6/Lighthouse 60x90x60 tent or even tentless? What type of soil do you use? I suggest Canna Terra Professional but you can use so many different types of soil for the same effect, some better than others though. Also, which liquids do you feed your plants? Let me know and we can have a chat. /w Zatoishwan
  2. Gift Code Scam

    Hi. So I was intrigued when some random guy named 'Flokilleref-senkolo' started spamming /r with "Selling Dofus gift codes of COULIVE Hat/Cape/Shield , Skullcrasher , Hispanic Shield , Golden Hispanic Shield , Mimics , No cape , New Harnesses .. And other stuff you can check in dofus site , pm me for more infos !!" I asked to buy a Skullcrusher, he wanted 10M for it; which is a super low price. Turns out he wanted me to go to a fake Ankama site to log in and obviously get hacked. Be careful out there guys Hamidzaabbatfozabiwjehtabonzb (Flokilleref-senkolo) is in unknown area on the server Echo.
  3. The "What gear should I use" thread

  4. Ogivol - Hacker/Scammer

    Bump - Updated the list.
  5. Take 2.

    It pains me to see another top lad quitting Dofus, much love Adams. I hope to see you online again one day my friend
  6. B> Cloudy Dofus - 71M

    Please close.
  7. Hello. I'm looking to buy a Cloudy Dofus, I'm offering 71M but I'm open to negotiation.
  8. Random Screenshots

    blame uthman
  9. ~Leeching service~

    Fast and efficient fights, also super cheap for the standards he's providing. I highly recommend this service. :^)
  10. Random Screenshots

  11. Hello, I am looking to buy 158 of these potions. I will be paying 50kk each. /w Zatopeshwariaan - Senks
  12. Osamodas Revamp

    What type of fool does that..? :^)
  13. Osamodas Revamp

    You must use it on a summon and then it'll heal you if you're in the AoE