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  1. Thank you for bothering to like my comments,Stiv,:).

  2. Stiv

    Gift Code Scam

    Hi. So I was intrigued when some random guy named 'Flokilleref-senkolo' started spamming /r with "Selling Dofus gift codes of COULIVE Hat/Cape/Shield , Skullcrasher , Hispanic Shield , Golden Hispanic Shield , Mimics , No cape , New Harnesses .. And other stuff you can check in dofus site , pm me for more infos !!" I asked to buy a Skullcrusher, he wanted 10M for it; which is a super low price. Turns out he wanted me to go to a fake Ankama site to log in and obviously get hacked. Be careful out there guys Hamidzaabbatfozabiwjehtabonzb (Flokilleref-senkolo) is in unknown area on the server Echo.
  3. Nice profile photo

  4. Stiv

    Ogivol - Hacker/Scammer

    Bump - Updated the list.
  5. Stiv

    Take 2.

    It pains me to see another top lad quitting Dofus, much love Adams. I hope to see you online again one day my friend
  6. Stiv

    Random Screenshots

    blame uthman
  7. Stiv

    Osamodas Revamp

    What type of fool does that..? :^)
  8. Stiv

    Osamodas Revamp

    You must use it on a summon and then it'll heal you if you're in the AoE
  9. Stiv

    Random Screenshots

    Global CD is a bitch
  10. Stiv

    Random Screenshots

    Completely random match-up, King-Diaz died 2nd turn, 2v3 Osa hype. from Astrology: xD triple osa is toppest meta