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  1. Kissmy-Astrub

    [Echo] Cloud is Recruiting!

    Good osas only
  2. Kissmy-Astrub

    Waven (Wakfu Heroes | Dofus Cube | Dofus 3) - Blog

    dofus 3.0? just another game i get to be the best at
  3. Kissmy-Astrub

    Timeless - goult scam

    i guess its completely ok to scam on Rushu guys, as long as you are good enough to get sad excuses for players to qualify to the next round in goult
  4. Kissmy-Astrub

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Mr.Rukai, talks shit all match, I say nothing, then I end up soloing his whole team with just my osa for 3 turns check that rage quit best osa since 2006 babys
  5. Kissmy-Astrub

    First ISK...

    hupper/hupper/hupper/hupper/osa team? :) lol
  6. Kissmy-Astrub

    Timeless - goult scam

    the only real problem i see for rushu is now we are lacking a sub xel, timeless wont be allowed to play any of the fights i assume, but if Romo isnt able to make it to a fight rushu might have to forfeit, another bad year of voting for rushu for the people who voted fucking equipless timeless to goult... lol, but other than that we should be solid if he can play all fights
  7. Kissmy-Astrub

    Timeless - goult scam

    lol pls rosal before getting your hopes up that you might actually do better than rushu this year, there is no way, and it has already been said that we are not going to let timeless represent our server for gout, and well fortunately our sub xelor is very good, maybe infact better than the myth the legend timeless himself
  8. Kissmy-Astrub

    Timeless - goult scam

    nah man this is the type of attitude that brought timeless back after already scamming a vulbis, people were still accepting him, being nice to him, praising his "godly" pvp skills, nobody did anything, it was basically like he never did anything at all, he needs/deserves some kind of punishment, cause quite frankly he took it way too far this time, it wasn't one person, it wasn't one item it was way more, and if we keep giving a blind eye to the situation we will continue to have this toxic person on our server and community, trolling is one thing, Scamming is unacceptable, by doing something now we can prevent him and any other future scammers hopefully from doing anything like this again or atleast make then think twice before trying. Timeless is trash, i cant believe people didn't see that years ago, i never liked the guy, good thing for me i guess
  9. Kissmy-Astrub

    Timeless - goult scam

    see this is what i dont get the mother fucker has a queen of thieves helm on already and he gives him another? what the actual fuck. do people not have a brain??
  10. Kissmy-Astrub

    Timeless - goult scam

    inb4 "i just wanted to see who my real friends were" defense
  11. Kissmy-Astrub

    Timeless - goult scam

    i don't care how good this trash is, please tell me he isn't going to represent in goult, he deserves that much as a spectator it would be so cringey to watch knowing he scammed all that gear
  12. Kissmy-Astrub

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    or if they actually saw the build i was playing with on feca they would realize how bad you are ironmanchild Thesus is ignoring you and will therefore no longer receive your messages. <<< sums up iron pussy lol biggest wannabe trolls on rushu till they get beat at their own game
  13. Kissmy-Astrub

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Ironmanchilds insults in one post after repeatingly
  14. Selana Gomez 

    Booty > Iron

  15. Kissmy-Astrub

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Gant? more like cant beat booty Rukai? more like get good guy Thesus? more like cant beat this Bootyful? more like got raped in the bootyhole Ilya? more like i love ya kissmy-astrub Iron? more like Booty>