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  1. Kissmy-Astrub

    [Echo] Cloud is Recruiting!

    Good osas only
  2. Kissmy-Astrub

    Waven (Wakfu Heroes | Dofus Cube | Dofus 3) - Blog

    dofus 3.0? just another game i get to be the best at
  3. Kissmy-Astrub

    Timeless - goult scam

    i guess its completely ok to scam on Rushu guys, as long as you are good enough to get sad excuses for players to qualify to the next round in goult
  4. Kissmy-Astrub

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Mr.Rukai, talks shit all match, I say nothing, then I end up soloing his whole team with just my osa for 3 turns check that rage quit best osa since 2006 babys
  5. Kissmy-Astrub

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    if you guys need another pep talk from the famous kissmy-astrub just let me know for another 4-0 day
  6. Kissmy-Astrub

    Rushu goult thread #3??

    come on aboodie woodie dig down deeper I know you can do better than "kill your self" and making fun of somebody who is not native to the English language you fucking mug shot we all know you guys are sheeps who suck eachothers dicks especially around goult time
  7. Kissmy-Astrub

    Rosal goult thread #1

    you don't want that son so cal girls don't know how to act
  8. Kissmy-Astrub

    The next Kralove opening

    Yo I would just like to thank everyone who came and helped much love, many people got a second chance to get orchres or beat a certain achieve today, thank you
  9. Kissmy-Astrub

    The next Kralove opening

    We are down to that last people all we need is : [-56,4] FEMALE sac, iop at Grassy Plains.[-49,9] MALE: xel at Coral Beach. please come help
  10. Kissmy-Astrub

    The next Kralove opening

    no more Female enus needed, we got that covered
  11. Kissmy-Astrub

    The next Kralove opening

    Kralove opening right now, really in need of 2 male srams, if you can come help we are close to being done
  12. Kissmy-Astrub

    The next Kralove opening

    we are trying to open now, if you need to open kralove please come help, thank you
  13. Kissmy-Astrub

    The next Kralove opening

    hey, we are going to try tomorrow as well same time, if anybody is interested, please show up to help if you can
  14. Kissmy-Astrub

    The next Kralove opening

    I'd be down to try this Saturday as well and can probably group up around another 5-10 people to join us
  15. Kissmy-Astrub

    First ISK...

    hupper/hupper/hupper/hupper/osa team? :) lol