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  1. Discord is a free text and voice chat medium. The application can be used from within the web browser or downloaded, with the link for both being on the homepage of its website: https://discordapp.com. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. No registration needed, though you may lose access if you are inactive after a while so the best thing to do would be to create an account, which is pretty easy to do. :smiley: To join the Dofus Discord server, simply follow this link: https://discord.gg/0RDH0dqUoTRkCjSF (or the better looking https://discord.me/dofus). Other awesome Discord servers: Dofus Touch - https://discord.gg/rvSpudj (https://discord.me/dofustouch) Krosmaga - https://discord.gg/DyQBWEM (https://discord.me/krosmaga) Wakfu - https://discord.gg/0WL9EEf55J8nX0mQ Our Discord server has plenty of awesome features including automatic news being posted in the announcements text channel, fun chat bot in the bot-chamber text channel, as well as a music bot in the Music voice channel (scroll down the channel list to see and join voice channels). There are 3 main channels: general-en, general-fr and general-de for general talk. Streamers and Youtubers post their new content in the ads text channel, there's also a trading text channel for buying and selling things, a music text channel for sharing some tunes and channels dedicated to Dofus 1.29, Dofus Touch and Krosmaga (if you don't want to join the corresponding servers, though you should, as it is very easy to do and manage them). Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help with Discord, or the game itself of course. Currently there's over 4000 people in total in the Dofus Discord server, 400 online during peak times and 200 during off times. Discord itself has awesome features as well, such as 1-on-1 and group Direct Messages/Private Messages (DMs/PMs) for both text and voice chatting, linking your Youtube/Twitch/Steam/Twitter/Reddit/LoL/Blizzard accounts and sync your friends to Discord, as well as get bonuses from Subscribing to Twitch streamers (use the channel's emotes everywhere, as well as get access to a secret Discord server or a special role in a Discord server). There's also message pinning, searching in text channels and the coming soon video chatting.
  2. Indika come to Chingford and I will give you my kamas but make sure you don't get stabbed. It's worse than Hackney
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