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  1. pls remove me from there Edit: removed myself
  2. get good noob

    1. Phexi


      go kill yourself

  3. Lol? firstly I have NO IDEA why ur on this thread I have countless screens proving you're a scammer and could reveal it if I wanted. Secondly im sure everyone knows you're a scammer back from solar. Thirdly I brag to you? is it my fault you bet money on me losing in a kolo and I won zzzzzzzz. Finally I have you enemied on all my chars and you're the same dude who stole my skype picture and name then catfished people pretending to be me rofl.. this was only like a few days ago too, get out my ass and be your own person
  4. ????????????????????? I've been running my own teleport service for nearly a month and im just now knowing about it... gg
  5. Phexi


    I'll rollback you the entire week broq..
  6. Phexi


    yes, I saw this hence i changed it to nvm
  7. Yeah I'm pretty annoyed too hh
  8. Sorry joost only space for one op vit magus
  9. These are not even alignment fights, kolos percs etc they're legit just random challenges on -1,0 what the fuck are you actually posting xDDDDDDDDDDD
  10. I literally maged exactly this belt same stats and posted like 2 weeks ago and 0 likes, this is bullying som1 help pls.. so salty EDIT: I JUST REALISED I MAGED THIS BELT AND FORGOT TO REMOVE JOOSTS SIG ._. fk u joost give me cred
  11. @Ala I will try this now and edit this post on how it went @Elegast I don't really want to go without this laptop for a week, my other one is too slow :( Didn't work :/ but thanks anyways guys for trying
  12. I forgot to mention in the post no trolls pls
  13. there's no box on this HP laptop, there's one on my old one though :( Fairly new as in I haven't used it over 10x, been using a diff laptop I got it over a year ago tho and I've tried to do that and it doesn't work :/
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