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  1. BUYING >>>>>>>>>

    I would've given a higher range but people with 3% would be asking for prices which would relate to 4%, anyways I don't have to explain myself to you, if you don't have any of the items I'm LF then stfu and get off my thread
  2. Buying the following Ap Deep Sea Ring 20-35mk Tal Kasha Cape 11mk or 16mk if it has 3-4% air or fire with nice stats Tal Kasha Hat 18mk or 23mk if it has 3-4% air or fire with nice stats Atcham Sandals 30mk or 35mk if it has 3-4% air or fire with nice stats Foggernaught Hammer 3.5mk or 8mk if it has 3-4% air or fire with nice stats Ice Dofus 16mk Spell Point Scrolls 140kk per Spookoth Amulet 13.5mk or 18mk if it has 3-4% air or fire with nice stats Pm me Ig or here, Phexi
  3. Chrollo's leeching service

    100% pro levelling service.... I gave him my seemyool for 10 mins then he pms me saying come brak pet market, I came thinking he cbf to level it and turns out he done 1-100 in 10 mins hhh. Much vouch
  4. according to you lot nothing would sell yet 240m worth of stuff has sold so far h
  5. Just logged on to see it sold rip 4 u
  6. Temporarily quitting so I'll be selling some of my shit There's Ap/Mp/Range/Summon Exos/100vit Oms/%Res Mages go check out the merch -1,0
  7. What girls do you like best?

    pls remove me from there Edit: removed myself
  8. get good noob

    1. Phexi


      go kill yourself

  9. Beggars can't be choosers

    this is so refreshing to see after scrolling through the timeless goult scam, b> rosal attitude on rushu pls
  10. Rushu goult thread #3??

    Proposition B for me pliz, Proposition A is also v good I must say
  11. Timeless - goult scam

    Lol? firstly I have NO IDEA why ur on this thread I have countless screens proving you're a scammer and could reveal it if I wanted. Secondly im sure everyone knows you're a scammer back from solar. Thirdly I brag to you? is it my fault you bet money on me losing in a kolo and I won zzzzzzzz. Finally I have you enemied on all my chars and you're the same dude who stole my skype picture and name then catfished people pretending to be me rofl.. this was only like a few days ago too, get out my ass and be your own person
  12. Spare Rushu Equips For Backup

    I got ap tash junn hh Edit: I got all Items I need h