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  1. It has been quite a few years since I last played (unfortunately the same is true for the majority of us in the alliance), and we are a bit clueless after taking over Wabbit Island. The enemy prism was placed in a house on Wabbit Island (in the Cawwot Island area). Once defeated, we placed another prism a few maps away, in another house, but this house seems to belong to another area, Isle of the Cwown. There were no nuggets in any area after the fight on the whole of Wabbit Island. Would that be because we did not replace the prism in the same area that we took over? Thanks for your help.
  2. Quote a few of us (EU based) are on Nevark, no issues with logging so far. Too bad the EN community will be fractured for now, but I'm certain these servers will be merged soon enough.
  3. That's exactly why I'll give this a go, and the fact that the game probably changed quite a bit since the last time I played. All we need is a big enough English-speaking guild.
  4. Garne


    1. szi


      It's been a while: what's up?

    2. Garne


      Nothing much, just remembered our journeys on Dofus and it seemed like such a long time ago.

  5. Yes you do, which one you are looking for?
  6. If you take a couple suggestions from someone who has been levelling chars from scratch on pretty much every international server and some French, I would only focus on one or maybe two characters first. I'm slightly biased but I would definitely pick the Iop for this role. You can get to 50 purely on quests and easy achievements in a very short time (zaapping around in Bonta and Brakmar alone gets you a level or two), then you can start grinding on whatever has the most stars. Once you get some basic gear you can move onto Ouginaks or duo 60-75 Kanigers (leave the level 80s for now), take all the MP and long range damage idols, pick close maps, try to use a mount/pet with loads of Vit. Do the Almanax every day, class dopples are useful for basic scrolling, try easy achievements in low level dungeons. With a Sram and an Iop you can do monsters way over your level provided they only have close combat spells and not too many MP (Polished Cracklers, Yokai/Maho fouxes, Boowolves), though I found you still get the best XP on Ouginaks and Kanigers, which is slightly disappointing because they get boring quickly. Make sure you make good use of idols, Dynamo and Horiz are amazing on aggressive monsters (especially with the synergy), Dagob for quick fights and even Domo and Payo if you are with your whole group. Once you have a group of level 60-70 characters in something better than prespic you can do bigger Kaniger mobs (the joy), Dreggons, smaller Grassy Plain mobs. I don't know if you have any leftover kamas from the times when you played previously, if not, do the Wabbit Island questline, +60 wis is just what you need along with a couple more levels from the quests alone. I remember certain mobs on Vulkania used to have a default +50% XP multiplier, not sure if that still is the case, worth a shot.
  7. Just click on the notice outside the Inn.
  8. szi

    Wakfu Raiders

    Invite, and a download link through G+ (for Android at least).
  9. Drop me a message if you decided on the characters mate, I'll tag along for some time before I inevitably stop playing again as usual.
  10. szi

    Wakfu Raiders

    Beta starts today and lasts until 29th June PST.
  11. szi

    Wakfu Raiders

    They will do a demo at E3, you might get a bit more information afterwards. @Jiri: I have, will report if I hear something back.
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