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  1. thank you <3 and you see the shit im dealing with lol...
  2. Yo guys, it's yo boi Sunbae from Echo. Just wanted to reintroduce myself. I also wanted to prove that I'm not a Hyun-Ae because some dude with in-game popularity (if you achieve this, you need a life lmao) is witch hunting me. He's telling all the leaders and SiC to kick me since he thinks I'm Hyun-Ae. He's making my dofus experience worst :( Anyway just looking for a nice chill guild to join, holler at me by pming me in game. -Sunbae
  3. alright im free this week and next week. time to do it up!
  4. life kept me busy, time to play dofus all day :D
  5. Day 2: lvl 65 finish panda main quests started emerald dofus questline (i need lvl 50 profession lmao) thats all for today
  6. Progress Report Day 1: 4.2mk on p2p lvl 1-46 finish incarnam + astrub main quests 121 achievement points
  7. Hi, I'm starting anew again with 5mk and a brand new character named Ahjumma. Nice meeting you guys^^ Edit: forgot to include im in Rushu
  8. Your first assumption and concern is that they're going to "waste" Minecraft, so you have no knowledge of the company. At worst we're going to end up paying more to play newer versions of Minecraft, but this might not be the case at all. Often times a company will buy another out just to take their profits in the long run, a good example being Activision buying Blizzard. It could be a good thing for Minecraft, with a bigger company the game might get updated faster and they could develop their own plugins for servers and games rather than having some random player do it for them. Long story short, don't be so close minded to assume that this is the worst thing that could come of Minecraft, you do realize how successful Microsoft is right?
  9. im level 199 cra in rushu named korean hhh
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