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Everything posted by adam-kwiatek

  1. Frigost Dungeon Leeching Service

    Great leecher, we did [Count Versatile] and [Count Harebourg (Statue)] . I like smart players =p
  2. Hi Everyone I'm selling : -Ice Dofus x6 / 21mk/EA -Abyssal Dofus 32mk -Kwismas Gift x5.200 / 5kk/EA -Scarlet Kwismas Wrapping Paper x10.435 / 4,5kk/EA (Merchant) [-31,-54][Bonta Bank] IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  3. CLOSED B> Elemental Fragments

    Hello everyone Looking for Elemental Fragments for every 1mk First Fire Fragment Second Air Fragment Fourth Water Fragment IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  4. Dofus: [Cawwot Dofus] 1mk [Dokoko] x2 1mk [Emerald Dofus] x3 5mk [Turquoise Dofus] x5 8,5mk [Crimson Dofus] x6 9mk [Ochre Dofus]x4 42mk [Abyssal Dofus] x2 50mk [Cloudy Dofus] 85mk Map Treasure Hunt: [Akornaddikt's Map] 100kk [Stellia's Map] 150kk [Brumen's Map] 300kk [Mastigator's Map] 750kk [Zatoishwan's Map] 1mk [Scampihorse's Map] 1,5mk Resources: [Tunder Alloy] x110 750kk Merchant [-31,-54] (Bonta Bank) IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  5. Hi Everyone I'm looking for a Ochre Dofus for 35mk. offer please. IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  6. Hi Everyone I'm looking for a Stalak Shield Exo MP for 20mk. Please offert. Parameters: 1 MP 21-30% Power 0-20 Dodge 30-35 Critical Resistance 13-15% Ranged Damag IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  7. Hello I'm Buying Hairsh Bracelet for 32mk Stats: 290-300 Vitality 45-50% Power 4 Critical Hits 2 Range 8-10 Neutral Damage 8-10 Earth Damage 8-10 Water Damage 10% Neutral Resistance IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  8. Hello I'm selling Dolmanax 25mk IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  9. Hello I'm selling Dolmanax 25mk IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  10. B> Atcham map 6/8/2mk [Closed]

    I would like to buy 2mk [Atcham's Map Fragment 6/8] IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  11. hi me have x4 sets 550pp+ or bonus Dragon Pig's Maze Key x1000 Dragon Pig's Den Key x500 sell all for 50mk
  12. hi, me sell Levitrof Boots for 15mk =] IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  13. S> Raydi Shield 20mk

    Hi , Sell Raydi Shield For 20mk offert
  14. B> Gein Belt

    belt 34-40mk =p
  15. hi sell cape offert Nileza's Cloak 389/400 vity 100/80 int 39/50 wis 1 range 15/15 fire damag 4/6 heal 8/15 pp 10/10% earth/air ress IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  16. Hi, Sell http://prntscr.com/4vgzqu for 60mk IGN: Plomyczek-pl 1 mp 20 ini 242 vity 55 str 54 int 32 wis 4 ch 11 neu/fire/earth damag 1 heal 4 pp 3 lock 7% water/air
  17. Selling Ice Dofus For 74mk or Exchange Gein Set IGN>Plomyczek-pl
  18. S > Ice Dofus For 74mk or Exchange Gein Set

    [15:48] You have sold 1 items for a total amount of 74,000,000 kamas SOLD
  19. Hi looking to buy MP Bearbaric Band 60-65mk 1 mp 230-250 vity 50-60 str 55-60int 31-40 wis 4 ch 10-12 neu/earth/fire damag 0-5lock 0-10pp 0-8 heal 7%water/air :P
  20. Buying Bearbaric Band Exo mp

    [17:20] You have lost 70,999,999 kamas. [17:20] You have received 1 '[bearbaric Band]'. http://prntscr.com/4vgzqu