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Whale who buys lootboxes

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Whale who buys lootboxes last won the day on November 20 2017

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    Posting booty shots on IG

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  1. Whale who buys lootboxes

    sell orchid rhinettle

    has anyone told how beautiful lips u have they r truly truly outrageous
  2. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Post your goals and achievements

  3. Whale who buys lootboxes


    nice clickbait expected something new but it's just d3 renamed
  4. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Quitting merchant - Enormous sale at [0,-1]

    what do u mean he's been quitting for 2 years already
  5. nice profile pic

    1. Rob


      I like yours 

    2. Quadro


      fake kikn, u aint even enu anymore 😞

  6. Whale who buys lootboxes

    2.47 Livestream

    I appreciate Ankama for destroying their own game. This is what we get after 6 months of no level 200 content updates. Stay classy
  7. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Ankama upped XP gain for harvesting profs in 2.46, yet you still decide to bot. Sad. Nice try sabotaging the economy even more though :).
  8. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Random Screenshots

    Is that supposed to show how dead Echo is?
  9. Whale who buys lootboxes


    You just gave Kikn an extra post because you didn't include prices.
  10. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Ily dung leech

    dont u love echo h
  11. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Last Contact - Finding Kory's Cave

    Save it for later then. Might come in handy as another quest requires you to hop in the cave again.
  12. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Last Contact - Finding Kory's Cave

    Go to [-22, -3] from left side Arrive at [-22, -3]. Go 1 map right (bet you didn't see that coming) Click on bonfire. Tips on fight: the enemy has a pretty large jump, cast on first turn with a cooldown of 3 or 4 don't bother hitting the summon, it'll respawn anyway -- ignore it completely -- don't even think that bats eye helped me try to keep the enemy away from your ally in a way so the enemy can't hit neither of you, but once she ends her turn, your ally can hit her - repeat for easy success (enemy had 7mp afaik) %health heals are really nice for this fight, use your curative arrow if you're a cra and just stand behind your ally stay relatively close to the ally - she grants you a damage boost which can turn the tide of the battle (cooldown of 2 or 3 turns) your ally hits high if she crits - use critical shooting on her
  13. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Eca advice

    LOL no just big fan, somehow I still watch OSRS videos eventho I quit that game back in 2k10
  14. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Eca advice

    Full str is still awesome https://www.dofusplanner.com/QYRC1/ https://www.dofusplanner.com/RzaPH/
  15. Whale who buys lootboxes

    [S] Jumbow Meow

    Sure keep hitting some 300kk percs which is split with 5 people whilst I have my 12 200s geared

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