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Whale who buys lootboxes

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Whale who buys lootboxes last won the day on September 19 2018

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  1. Whale who buys lootboxes


    Oh look another platform that will be an obligatory installation in a few months... fdp Steam, Origin, Uplay, Bethesda.net, Nexon, Epic Games, UWP store, GOG, Battle.net, Ankama
  2. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Here Take Some Free Shit

    Isn't it cheaper just to buy followers?
  3. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Higher GHz or more cores for Dofus?

    yo don't forget a SSD because they cheap as a butter now, unless u wanna stay in the stone age for some reason booting to desktop in 3 seconds is pretty nice
  4. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    4 ap bow which gives u MP and Range and has crazy base damage AND gives you pushback damage whenever you crit what happened to the 'we will be focusing more on defensive gear with the introduction of ivory dofus' smh my head
  5. Whale who buys lootboxes

    [Guide] Chimeric Prysmaradoth Souls

    animations off + being mounted = super sonic fast (unless theres some wonky group of monsters that screw up the entire turn) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i remem u could cast 2 spells in the same tick if u did it at the right time, 0,7sec turns mdr
  6. Whale who buys lootboxes

    [Guide] Chimeric Prysmaradoth Souls

    *You're going to definitely want to fight in creature mode otherwise the monsters will take up 3/4 of your turn with wonky animations!* ^^^^ u may want to make this protip bigger font because thats gonna be the most important thing during the fight xd
  7. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    I won't be surprised if the egg gives defensive stats on one turn and offensive on the following one (+6hp t1, -6hp, +6dam t2 huehue). From the latest Gamakna issue:
  8. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Laptop for multi

    I can assure you no computer in this world will handle this broken game engine efficiently. You'll be prone to lags/hiccups/stutters/whateveryoucallthem after you hit around 900MB ram usage per client. The game doesn't flush any of the memory you've loaded in during the session so you will have to restart the game clients even on a NASA PC after prolonged use. Also you probably shouldn't get a Mac, unless you are still saddened by Billy passing away.
  9. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Post your goals and achievements

    wtf is that sim card crop
  10. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Ankama screwing us over on purpose, what to do? (V. 1.29)

    I see no problem with this if there are 4 extra players enjoying the game.
  11. Whale who buys lootboxes

    The last person to post here wins

    This where you shitpost for a higher post count? Gotta increase that internet benis level.
  12. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Can't get in game after today's maintenance

    On the good side, players can now stare at an overly sexualised tree branch that can be found on the dofus.com main site. This will make time pass fast and server issues will be fixed soon™
  13. Whale who buys lootboxes

    Looking for cool Dofus Tattoo Ideas!

    Permanently painting this trashy game on your skin goes beyond my comprehension. Please don't do it and instead visit a doctor.
  14. Whale who buys lootboxes

    sell orchid rhinettle

    has anyone told how beautiful lips u have they r truly truly outrageous