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  1. I've also been following Veldin's guides for f3 dunges, he makes them look so easy, then I go try and get destroyed x) although without his guides I wouldn't have beat Sylargh or Nileza. My words of advice, keep going in and dying, sylargh killed me ~40 times before winning and i'm at about ~55-60 deaths on freez , if you even kill 1 more mob per attempt or last an extra turn you're doing something right
  2. cwc

    Missiz Freezz

    Thank you for your input, everyone. I will try all of these suggestions
  3. Having recently started my journey into F3, I expected to die alot, but to at least have progress to show, I beat sylargh after 30 deaths, and nileza after 12, but I have died in this dungeon 49 times over two days, I have tried killing different monsters first, etc, and this is proving the most difficult f3 dungeon I have attempted yet and I am very close to rage quitting it, So I guess I am asking the PvM gurus out there for some help, I am trying this dungeon in 5 loot 200 str iop 200 wis/mp red enu 200 int eni 199 cha pana 199 str/vit mask My guys are geared in end of f2 gear so i'm fairly sure it's my tactic that is flawed x), I usually try to start in the bottom corner of the map, killing whichever mob it spawns closest to me (usually stalak) first, while trying to mp rape the others and keep freez back, but she just runs up there and destroys me, I get flustered and bunch up and start killing myself with those repelling traps and erosion. Any tips would be appreciates (like the mechanofox expulsar abusing in sylargh, or nileza splash damage with swap, certain tactics, order to kill things, etc) side note: I have a 199 sram aswell but not using it , as last thing I heard they aren't as useful because of the invisibilty nerf? Thanks for reading
  4. I'm in the same boat, Ankama is more or less forcing me to quit because they won't take my money to renew subs. Although my ticket is only 2 and a half weeks old.
  5. http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/438494-fghdtgjhtjhrth/3.html can use voyager or w.e instead of vulbis and get a dolmanax instead of maniac if you plan on it, but I had funwith this lol
  6. http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/438494-tyu/1.html If you dont want to get an inky, antyklime Ax cape gives a range as well but lower crit damage
  7. http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/438494-dsfaqsdfr/1.html low range but nice damage imo
  8. I've also recently returned ( been back for about 4 months now ) and am playing on Zato, not going to lie the economy sucks, but the mobs generally have decent stars and professions have little to no competition, if you want to just relax and do some proffs/talk to people I think you might enjoy zato. About your team, you may want to consider changing cra for an iop (wrath is irreplaceable in pvm IMO), but then with those four you should be able to do quite a bit
  9. Title pretty much says it all, what is the 'going price' per rose of sand on your server?
  10. I have had a hunt here and there that I fail but that is most likely because sometimes the item is clipped out of the map and you can't see it, a good example of this is the 'Pointy-tailed statue' on the map with the bridge into amakna castle area. The statue is hidden at the lower right corner of the map and you can't even see it's tail. I Think you need to take them slower and look more thoroughly.
  11. You need to either get the 3 balls from blop bherb and sufokia bird cage, or if you have done that, click on one of the rocks outside Meriana's hut
  12. for the sac id use some mixture of glad bwork set, tot pieces with ta boots and canni blade
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