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  1. Arisoune


    Shika was love, Shika was definitely life. I loved that server so much, I regret moving from there to rushu when I did, I should have stayed. It was a gorgeous little community I knew and It was such a nice, relaxing place to be.
  2. Arisoune

    Obtaining the crown

    I am so happy to see that it is you, Rob, to be taking the crown and leading us to the future. It is sad to see Kyek step back but this is a great opportunity for the community to grow even further. All of the changes sound brilliant and I am so very excited to continue my time here on IV with you being our leader. 20mk ok /w soz
  3. Arisoune


    on Ilyz I did a mix of achievements and treasure hunting to level. Achievements and quests are a great way to level up whilst keeping up to current content, treasure hunter is great because you get to earn that little bit of kamas each time too.
  4. Arisoune

    Post your goals and achievements

    Just got my Lv 60 align ornament. I'm so happy!! AHH <3
  5. Arisoune

    Post your goals and achievements

    Finished crimson on my nub on ilyzaelle. yey
  6. Arisoune

    Random Screenshots

    The day has come where my Ilyzaelle noob has overtaken my echo's main achievement points. I have learned I love playing dofus properly and not leeching to 200 :')
  7. Arisoune


  8. Arisoune

    Subscriber rewards/benefits auto assigned

    Lottery machine and most gifts are not available on Mono. if you are buying stuff to be used on Mono, make sure you can actually use it there first. Gifts such as Divine outfit should be able to be gifted to Mono, along with Coulives. It's strange if they're auto-assigning to Echo, I wouldn't know how to solve that. But yes, no lottery machine, and some rewards are not available on Mono.
  9. Arisoune

    ~ Arisoune's Art Thread ~

    Drawing of my precious Ilyzaelle Xel. Love this girl to pieces.
  10. Arisoune

    Post your goals and achievements

    Lv 43 align quest fight, I'm quite proud of this since I recently changed to xel, It was such a clutch fight and this is definitely my own small achievement. :') 31 mins jesus
  11. Arisoune

    Characters new design

    Rumolerouge has put up more images, including "developments" or evolutions of these character designs, This stuff is looking promising. http://www.rumolerouge.fr/index.php/2018/02/17/chara-design-classes-dofus/ Including a chart of Iops. This stuff looks great.
  12. Arisoune

    Characters new design

    I'm pretty sure he's the Art Director of Amakna. that's probably why he can claim it?
  13. Arisoune

    Show off your new colours

    Changed my Ilyz Feca into a Xel and now i'm using these colours. (no camo mounts but crim/ebon works nicely imo) ^had to sit otherwise horn in xel face... now i must redraw again... hnng
  14. Arisoune

    NEW IOP?

    I have a friend on my server who uses mostly Str/Agi and it is amazing to see, Zenith(agi) is an amazing spell, it looks like a huge amount of fun! If I were to make an iop it would be str/agi. (this is pvm btw, I never *ever* pvp) :') Good luck with your choices!
  15. Arisoune

    ~ Arisoune's Art Thread ~

    So I decided to draw my new main on Ilyzaelle, my Feca; Soz! I really enjoyed this and I would be so up for doing some ilyzaelle commissions (mainly accepting Ilyz kamas, although can discuss echo kamas) I'll figure out some prices a bit later on, but if you're interested let me know :)