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  1. Nifty powerleveling dungeon. Stuck at 90% cause of all the Korriander farmers. Minowang drop cause why the hell not.
  2. Via Twitter, ToT from Ankama studios has announced that Dofus has lost 100 000 active characters since January. They also said they want to run a test Dofus to try several things out, including Dofus Free to Play.
  3. Prices lowered again, merchant moved to [0,0]
  4. Not really a huge achievement in 2017 but still it took over 50 turns, 35 of which were me trying to solo 2 fire elemental bworks and a mama bwork with my Eca. The others had never done Bworker before so it was a mess.
  5. I'm not sure what they intend to do with the scurvion set. I reported it as bugged a while back because it weighed 0 pods. They also modified items which weren't listed, such as the Pointed Hat.
  6. Source - https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1003-divers/2254410-ankama-faut-reagir?akoffset=2#ak-ankama-speech Several types of items will have their recipe reworked : Those that have drop percentages that do not correspond to the number required in a recipe. (example moskito eyebrows, pieces of blop etc...) Lower the quantity of ressources demanded to correspond to new values Those that have too high a level required to craft compared to the level of the item (example Carnivorous staff, Crobak items etc...) Replacement of the ressource by another of the
  7. Source in French - https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1081-actualite/2253294-serveurs-monocomptes-j-1?page=1 Translation (by me, sorry for mistakes) We know that the launch of the monoaccount server was highly anticipated, and you proved it to us. Little recap for the first day Birth of Ilyzaelle, Fraktal, Dramak and Lacrima ! It was not one but four servers that were created yesterday. In fact, minutes after the launch of the first server Ilyzaelle the server was rapidly full of new souls freshly incarnated, to the point where it was no longer possible to join
  8. I started on Fraktal, Ilyzaelle is too full. Got a nice thing going on Fraktal and I've seen a lot of English speaking players.
  9. will be easier to stay grouped on this server as you dont have to be worried about having your character rolled back to lvl 1 when you make a mistake.
  10. There's a new server coming out on the 17th of October which will be called Ilyzaelle. It will only allow 1 account per IP address and you need a phone number linked to the account to log in. The server will be international and P2P. It's the same as a normal server (you can die) but you can't multi-account. The use of VPN will result in perma-ban. What level are you guys on the Shadow server?
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