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  1. This was exactly what i did to. I just grinded mobs to make money but that seems to be dead these days.
  2. How is the game atm guys ? Its been a while since i have been here
  3. Can confirm, joined a week ago, have already been tried to vote out maybe 3 times. 10/10 solid server/guild. Youbutsu does no dmg btw.
  4. can confirm, he even managed to get achievements with me in the group.
  5. did not see it, nice mage tho. gave me an instant boner
  6. yeah, that is tottaly not hard to see x)
  7. and ofcourse, im going full nolife on that shit huuuuuuuuj
  8. with the new solo account server i am planning to play on the new server, so now be honest ! Who missed me ?
  9. Well cya lads, got addicted to black desert online.
  10. Closing this topic since i am no longer playing dofus
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