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  1. beehiveone

    IV Speedruns: Stage ONE

  2. beehiveone

    Ebony Dofus speculation

    Ebonys Effect- Instantly get 30% off when using trade chat
  3. beehiveone

    2.47 Livestream

    Is this update coming with tomorrows maint?
  4. beehiveone

    Fight Club [EVENT]

    I think osas might be a bit problematic no? Nevermind, gearless means only 1 summon :))
  5. beehiveone

    Random Screenshots

    Welcome to Dofus 2K18
  6. beehiveone

    Characters new design

    Saw the new designs being advertised on Facebook.
  7. beehiveone

    Advice For Certain Classes for Dungeons

    Osa enu eca panda sounds good aswell, but cra is so broken atm. So its up to you too decide what you want.
  8. beehiveone

    Advice For Certain Classes for Dungeons

    A great team comp would be osa enu cra panda. Enu mp reduction everything and gives buffs to cra, Cra takes range and does THE DAMAGE, panda vulns, does placements and a bit of damage, osa can buff, damage,map manip, summon for distractions when enus mp red isnt enough, and monsters have no mp compliments agi osa very well because of the tofu hit-and-run tactic. If you wanna play eca so badly you can probably replace osa with it for this team. Idk much about the new ecas though ^_^ You dont need a whole character dedicated to be a healer with this team comp because nothing gets to hit you with all the -mp,-range and map manip. What little heals osa/eca , enu and panda provide is enough to sustain most dungeons.
  9. 1 mp 340-350 vit 75-80 str 30-40 wis 2 crits 11-12 neutral damage 11-12 earth damage 7% water resis 7-10 lock ap reduction I don't care about. Around 20mk Message me on imps or ingame (beehiveone). Thank you
  10. beehiveone

    Selling x3 Ivory

    all gone. can close
  11. beehiveone

    Beaware, [Illusionist, Sonux]

    I would like to add to the op. Unfortunately I too bought an account from this guy and I was stupid. Sirwolt (Radius) was the account and that guy is now selling my Ivory dofus that I worked for. Noxwish (Warpon) that is the account that is selling my ivory. All I can say is just don't trust this guy...
  12. beehiveone

    Selling x3 Ivory

    140mk merchant at [0,1] trash-merchant or message me on imps or ingame.
  13. beehiveone

    Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    x2 poison a target, last 3 turns and unlimited stacking
  14. beehiveone

    Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Poutch Ingball: -4181 (203 + 217 + 203 + 203 + 324 + 302 + 203 + 189 + 203 + 203 + 189 + 217 + 324 + 347 + 203 + 217 + 217 + 217) HP. Some nice osa black frog changes lol. (its poison damage btw)
  15. beehiveone

    Post your goals and achievements

    Solar Duo (Osa & Elio)