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  1. Yeah your temporis character is deleted at the end, however you'll get an experience potion and rewards depending on goals you achieve that you can send to a permanent server.
  2. If you're soloing nileza in hope to drop paragon in arena, unfortunately you cant.
  3. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1122-markets-echo/334394-kralove-opening-saturday-01-19-19?page=1
  4. This failed miserably... If anyone sees this in the future and whats to open kralove, message me please and we can set up a date and time.
  5. I plan on openning kralove at around 20:00 dofus time tonight. Found someone so we already have 18 spots filled. Please help
  6. Does anyone know how to use the new runes and where to get the new resources that is needed to make the legendary items?
  7. New stuff related to the infinite dungeon thing New cosmetics that I assume you earn by doing new kwismas island achievements
  8. Ebonys Effect- Instantly get 30% off when using trade chat
  9. Is this update coming with tomorrows maint?
  10. I think osas might be a bit problematic no? Nevermind, gearless means only 1 summon :))
  11. Saw the new designs being advertised on Facebook.
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