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  1. willing to sell 3 cloudy for 62M each or 180M for all 3 pm me to Izpangel or inbox here on imps.
  2. Che village merchants for izpangel I left them at 61.5M
  3. 2 vulbis sold for 340 only have cloudy 5 cloudy left for 72M each
  4. as title says I'm looking forward to sell my dofuses for a negotiable price hit me up here or ingame at Izpangel
  5. bump have one for 340M
  6. Sold for 320M I have one left if anyone is interested
  7. bump asking for 320M now
  8. Bump Lowering the price to 280M any offers?
  9. There is a post in Rushu marketplace under the category dofus n trophies there is a guy posting high level there is a category for that isn't it?

    1. Sunbathe


      Yes, it's been moved 

    2. Youbutsu


      It's a good thing you write her here and tell her about these problems droogy ^_^. Good job! For faster answers, please pm her instead.

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