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  1. Bart-simpson

    Seasonal Server - Temporis

    Mono server rush 2.0 Those of you who weren't at the mono server rush can experience it again now! I see it as a unique opportunity to play the game as it is intended at lower lvls. Mono with having to find team mates to run around lvl 30 and clear stuff fighting your way up the ladder. The resource struggle, the actual value of noob items. Instead of playing on a server that is only geared towards playing as an endgame player you can play on the lower lvls and find mates to play with. I myself had a great time with Rushing Ilyzaelle. Tho it isn't all a sweet dance I will say that if you don't like to play with french players and are a new player this server isn't much fun at launch. it is 99% french for the most part with experienced players that will leave you in the dust at an instant. I am not completely sure with the new tactics as the entire overhaul with drops but in general it's fastest to find a group who you can rush at the start with, around lvl 20-40 and sort out to drop/gain xp or rush a certain goal. With the new drop system it is much easier to grind solo now and item craft overhaul make things a lot easier for not so experienced players. 1 of the targets is to rush out of Incarnam when possible as if you can do fights outside it is much more profitable.
  2. Bart-simpson

    Ancient Spirit's Recruitment Thread

    @Ultimate-Sensation whoa I thought we would never see you again
  3. Bart-simpson

    Scavenger Hunt: Mods & Memes Edition [EVENT]

    That's not a meme
  4. Bart-simpson

    Scavenger Hunt: Mods & Memes Edition [EVENT]

    Man he really have that soy boy smile
  5. Bart-simpson

    henlo friendos

    I would like to report this "Person" for copyright infringement on my intellectual property. His profile picture is using my painted photo. This is a crime in broad daylight. I Wish to this profile to be taken down immediately. or you will have to lawyer up @Rob
  6. Bart-simpson

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    Shoot, really thought @laoshi would win
  7. Bart-simpson

    Help for my University dissertation

    Ghosts can get their own couches, why would we need to supply them?
  8. Bart-simpson

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    I actually want to take my vote back from @laoshi and nominate our beloved Juse. For his endless fight on enriching the women wherever he goes. There is no a single person with more respect for them than him However he is not above boasting his achievements But he does whatever he can to also help women in the third world. (yes it is true) And! He is not cheap about it, he is picky but not too picky and price is never an issue! As you can see he is very worthy of this nomination, the work he does for women all around the world is incredible! But you may ask: "What does he do for women in his home area" And to that! Fear not he if a true gentleman at home. Tho he is not very fond of creepy men, sadly. Day or night! Any time of the day his lust to uphold women never stops! This is why he deserves a proper nomination! He is without a doubt the single most deserving person in this thread!
  9. Bart-simpson

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    Othman stop shitposting and join AvA
  10. Bart-simpson

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    What is this? An Echo event? I feel discriminated! When will you include the best mono sever into your mist, when will we be included. Also I vote for @laoshi as he is my favorite Moroccan Aryan. actual facial picture of Laoshi
  11. I offer 10m Ilyzaelle kamas (~‾▿‾)~
  12. Bart-simpson

    2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    Yes @Kiba the whole point is to figure out what idol combo suits best to strain the mechanic of the game. To maximize efficiency within the current patch. Surely some French players are going to do it, what excludes us from doing the same. So right now I was thinking of running a Yosh+payo+Dynamo builds or something along those lines. It fit very well within how clsoe combat classes work. Currently I think ouginaks are the strongest class for this type of leech with their natural inbuilt dmg reduction, self heal, sustain spells and high base dmg. But there could be better options out there.
  13. Bart-simpson

    2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    So for the past few years since the release of idols there have been insane gain in XP with the 508 score. Due to the fact that it was incredible easy to just use as full cra team with enus or just cra team with the release of lashing arrow and then barricade shot afterwards with the variants. Now it seems like the time is changing and Idols are finally getting rearranged so values will not benefit Cras so much but rather idols that in general makes the fight relatively hard for all classes. What I am wondering if what idol combination is the most effective for xp leech now that can be done with only a small pool of classes/characters.
  14. Bart-simpson

    Obtaining the crown

    Will you allow competitions and submissions to get more custom items on imps? or perhaps get immortalized in a way on the site? Just some fresh ideas. Like we could have a Blue testicle, coops is a communist, Emoji for illegal activity. The possibility are endless

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