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  1. Updated, Membership count, new alliance, average level!
  2. Updated, Members! Levels and Average Level! Currently the most active English guild on jahash! and definitely the most helpful around on the server come check us out if your on Jahash!
  3. So Jahash's population in comparison to say Ilyzaelle is lacking, i won't lie. We have about 2 active English guilds[Mine included] and one other. Our community is quite small for the english population but it's also what makes our server great, we can level profs, our EN community is quite helpful. So overall to answer your question, if you don't mind smaller communities then it's definitely playable! i'd definitely recommend it if you arent a big fan of large servers like myself.
  4. Updated, With new guild name, member count, average level and contact information.
  5. Hello, everyone! I would like to introduce our new family we are building Sinister Minds! the guild itself is quite small, but that's how we would like it to be a small tight knit community to help one another and have a family like atmosphere without any cliques leaving others out from activities. Our guild is based on the philosophy of family, in such we are usually quite helpful willing to help in dungeons/quests/fights/farming etc. Our guild is english speaking , and we are part of a CAF alliance. Guild Level: 82 Membership Number: 146 Average Level: 143 Although
  6. Damn that is a good possibility thats a bummer.
  7. I was trying to get on Jahash after work and it says the server is full
  8. i was wondering if anyone would be interested in making an english guild on Hogmeiser server with me!
  9. I guess i am just curious to know if Retro is still active? and if so whats the most active server? i remember when i quit it was really populated on all servers.
  10. I was curious to know what server i should play on if i come back i took a little break due to work and my accounts have all been cleaned off somehow in my absence. I have a 200 on Illyzaelle? how much would it cost to gear a character for pvp there? and is Illyzaelle still extremely active? or is Retro more active now then illyzaelle? any suggestions where to start?
  11. I was wondering what class goes best with xelor? or what would be a good 2 character team to have in 1,29? currently my xelors wisdom/agi and is 76.
  12. Eternallyfe


    Welcome back mate! my friend and i are thinking of coming back, however our team was cleaned off well we were gone for a year so we may be playing on illyzaele instead of Echo. ^^
  13. hey i may be able to help you level up some i played there but quit since i didn't have anyone to play game with e.e
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