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  1. I was curious to know what server i should play on if i come back i took a little break due to work and my accounts have all been cleaned off somehow in my absence. I have a 200 on Illyzaelle? how much would it cost to gear a character for pvp there? and is Illyzaelle still extremely active? or is Retro more active now then illyzaelle? any suggestions where to start?
  2. I was wondering what class goes best with xelor? or what would be a good 2 character team to have in 1,29? currently my xelors wisdom/agi and is 76.
  3. Eternallyfe


    Welcome back mate! my friend and i are thinking of coming back, however our team was cleaned off well we were gone for a year so we may be playing on illyzaele instead of Echo. ^^
  4. hey i may be able to help you level up some i played there but quit since i didn't have anyone to play game with e.e
  5. It does seem a lot less active on here lately... I wonder why....
  6. I actually played on Merianna but somehow moderators found out i wasn't french and banned all my characters that i had there which was quite a bit. I was thinking about that but buying kamas is way more expensive there too lol
  7. Alright guy's i may be coming back to dofus after a while break from all my account's being cleaned. I was wondering if it's worth coming back? and probably cheating and getting kamas to gear at least one of my characters?
  8. Is there a guide for Ivory Dofus? I don't usually do quests but am thinking about doing it to get my char some gucci resists lol
  9. I like the new changes to be honest.
  10. To be honest i believe it they are pretty damn busted lol
  11. Not really sure how many players are online but the community is still pretty active, Toxic usually but active. lol
  12. I was wondering what the best 4 person team is for each of the following dungeons listed below Bethel Queen of Thieves Nidas Vortex Whale And basically any other difficult dungeons. I have all classes level 200, Thank you for you're advice and help! :D
  13. Alright cool i messaged you! We are hoping to make it our main server, My friend keeps getting are characters killed though 2 at a time lol
  14. Eternallyfe


    I used to play wakfu, I quit after the game died for the english community. I never had anyone to play with lol But i was level 167 ^^ Goodluck finding players though!
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