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  1. Eca advice

    was just trolling you XD
  2. Eca advice

    Ma gosh, dovydas? Is that you hh ;) rip hcim
  3. Eca advice

    Str eca not worth it anymore?
  4. Eca advice

    Im going to change to eca in the near future.. but not sure which build to go for... i did some research and found that str eca was the best, but is str eca still worth it with the nerf? Agi/cha also seems interesting with koutou bow... or maybe omni? What do you guys think? Mainly going for pvp kolo but also some pvm :) thx.
  5. EN Community, Fraktal vs Ilya

    There are a few big EN guilds in ilyzaelle :)
  6. ilyzaelle aint 'full' u just go to wait & sometimes there are new spots to fill :)
  7. sounds interesting... missed me?

    Mirabelke rings a bell ;)
  8. sounds interesting... missed me?

    ofc i remember u lil uthman. I lost count, how many times did u quit by now? Im not back yet... just trying to find out if its worth to come back & play this 'solo-acc' server.
  9. Solo acc server sounds interesting... Should i come back?, Who of my old mates still play? Most should remember me for my drunk twitch streams & exo mages. Cheerz, Imaqtpie (or Cameltoe, Bootylicious,...) Class i would play? aasy question - good old eniripsa ofc :)
  10. Same inky sold for 35m in januari XD hh
  11. Dofus Streaming?

    drunk exo streams made me get 60+ viewers :ph34r: (= every X amount of exo fails = a shot of alcohol) :lol: good old times