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  1. 2long 2read bochi, but get your smexi **** to ily :3
  2. Hiho all :) I recently returned to dofus on ilyzaelle mono server.. i always disliked the multi acc factor in dofus, but anyways.. What idols are best to use as int feca in pvm to solo (or duo) dungeons? :) thx in advance,
  3. Hiho Retro servers made my return... atm on ayutoo or smth? almost lv 70 Any other old mates still playing? (Former names; imaqtpie, etc)
  4. Im going to change to eca in the near future.. but not sure which build to go for... i did some research and found that str eca was the best, but is str eca still worth it with the nerf? Agi/cha also seems interesting with koutou bow... or maybe omni? What do you guys think? Mainly going for pvp kolo but also some pvm :) thx.
  5. There are a few big EN guilds in ilyzaelle :)
  6. ilyzaelle aint 'full' u just go to wait & sometimes there are new spots to fill :)
  7. ofc i remember u lil uthman. I lost count, how many times did u quit by now? Im not back yet... just trying to find out if its worth to come back & play this 'solo-acc' server.
  8. Solo acc server sounds interesting... Should i come back?, Who of my old mates still play? Most should remember me for my drunk twitch streams & exo mages. Cheerz, Imaqtpie (or Cameltoe, Bootylicious,...) Class i would play? aasy question - good old eniripsa ofc :)
  9. drunk exo streams made me get 60+ viewers :ph34r: (= every X amount of exo fails = a shot of alcohol) :lol: good old times
  10. tried to add them to FL: [11:14] No character or account of that name is recorded as being recently active on this server. :(
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