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  1. Class: CraBuild: OmniKamas/time available: InfiniteLvl range: 200Extra comments: Just want to know what the new cra meta set is. Tread? Nomarrow? new omni set? wotPvP or PvM oriented Pvm
  2. 508 cra tho. not a lit torment cra :(
  3. Hey im looking for queen of thieves leech. on eni/cra/enu. inbox how much you want for each character :)
  4. #DreamTeamMemeTeam Get-Memed-Corne - Elio 200 Corne-The-Emo- Enu 200 Corne-The-Normie - Iop 200 Corne-The-Norme - Sacrier 200
  5. omg ill raise price someone just make this motherfucking shield
  6. I buy good mount Stinkky shield with mp mage for price umm. i saw a shit one in market for 4.5 so i offer 7. or pm me your offer. idk ty
  7. joking brah xD maybe when i get kamas. one day
  8. Draw me <3 Prettiest eni on rushu
  9. I personally like rouges cause bombs are cool af. but sram's are cool too. Yeah could drop sadi for an enu or cra so you can still have some mp removal.
  10. The best looking eni on Rushu "Iryo"
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