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  1. Class: EnuBuild: cha/mp reduction PVMKamas/time available: many kamasLvl range: 200Extra comments: been away for a while and looking to come back and update my set to be better, this is my current set https://d-bk.net/en/d/UUtf let me know what i should upgrade thanks
  2. Class: CraBuild: OmniKamas/time available: InfiniteLvl range: 200Extra comments: Just want to know what the new cra meta set is. Tread? Nomarrow? new omni set? wotPvP or PvM oriented Pvm
  3. 508 cra tho. not a lit torment cra :(
  4. Hey im looking for queen of thieves leech. on eni/cra/enu. inbox how much you want for each character :)
  5. #DreamTeamMemeTeam Get-Memed-Corne - Elio 200 Corne-The-Emo- Enu 200 Corne-The-Normie - Iop 200 Corne-The-Norme - Sacrier 200
  6. omg ill raise price someone just make this motherfucking shield
  7. I buy good mount Stinkky shield with mp mage for price umm. i saw a shit one in market for 4.5 so i offer 7. or pm me your offer. idk ty
  8. joking brah xD maybe when i get kamas. one day
  9. Draw me <3 Prettiest eni on rushu
  10. I personally like rouges cause bombs are cool af. but sram's are cool too. Yeah could drop sadi for an enu or cra so you can still have some mp removal.
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