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  1. Bhaal

    My First Camo Seemyool <3

    A tad distressing to know :/ Suppose to maximise the output I really do need to couple it up with my Reproductive one. Then hopefully I can have the highest chance to pass it on. Thanks for the info though :)
  2. Bhaal

    My First Camo Seemyool <3

    Yeah it's a shame they only pop out 1-2 per birth, means that it takes ages to get a good stock up :/ But definitely worth it in the long run! I'm just surprised that Camo is a natural mutation on Seemyools tbh, as for DTs you needed to buy that magazine thing that gave you a Camo ginger DT to breed. If you're breeding any camos give me a heads up on how many times the gene was passed on. Would be nice to have an idea of how many I can get out of it.
  3. Good info to know, thanks :) To be fair I don't lose much from sticking my Fertile seems in a manger paddock whilst I'm raising the others, good shout.
  4. Hey there. Basically I wanted to know about energy's contribution to the number of births from Seemyools. I know that maximising the energy bar provides them with an extra birth, but do you also need to feed the males fish, or just the females? I'm hoping to save on Fish by only having to max the female's energy.
  5. Bhaal

    My First Camo Seemyool <3

    Thanks! :) Hopefully I'll have enough dishing out soon. I have a Reproductive seem that I'm thinking of breeding with the Camo to try and land a few more camos :)
  6. Bhaal

    Post your goals and achievements

    In my opinion one of the best ornaments released so far. Congratulations! :) What classes did you use for all the dungeon achievements?
  7. Bhaal

    My First Camo Seemyool <3

    And I just think that your reply was unnecessarily rude and inappropriate. However I will look into that thread for future reference. I'm only recently coming back onto IV and am currently unaware of all the "collection" threads, per se. I'll check them out in future.
  8. Bhaal

    My First Camo Seemyool <3

    Honestly not sure why this warrants a reply designed purely to undermine and attempt to belittle another person's excitement over a personal achievement due to your own negative outlook. How boring you are. Thanks Futoi! :D Only recently gotten into breeding and to see a Camo pop out has gotten me in a really good mood! :)
  9. Bhaal

    My First Camo Seemyool <3

    That moment when you go into your paddock to find that you've given birth to a fresh new Chameleon Seemyool. My first one. Good times! 'Ecstatic' would be the appropriate word here... time to breed him with my Almonds.
  10. I ended up buying one off of Niruu. He went and maged me a new one with the desired stats I was after. :)
  11. A new one! :) [22:25] from Dkongbabee: Why are you reported in the forum ?Are you really a hacker ? [22:25] to Dkongbabee: Embarassing [22:25] (Info) Yoloquiaomdwa (Dkongbabee) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. [22:26] to Dkongbabee: Your attempts at scamming are literally pathetic. I feel sorry for you:)
  12. Hey there. Basically I'm trying to get hold of one (or multiple) of the following: Allister Crown AP or MP Exo 380+ Vit 90+ Agi 1 Range 2 Summons 8/8 Lock 10/10% Air Res Lemming Bracelet / Minotoball Bracelet AP or MP Exo 380+ Vit 4 Crit Hits 2 Range 370+ Initiative 8/8 Lock 6+ Dodge Bearbaric Wedding Ring AP or MP Exo AP Exo; 20m or Offer MP Exo; 16m or Offer 230+ Vit 55+ Agility 55+ Chance 1 Range 10+ Air Damage 370+ Initiative 5/5 Lock 7/7% All Res I'll still be hunting for these items in-game too so I should only be looking for a short time. If you're interested hit me up! Thanks.
  13. Bhaal

    Kralove opening

    Saturday/Sunday 8-10pm Dofus Time is ideal for me. I can bring 5-6 chars.
  14. Bhaal

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Obviously not perfect, but that's one sexy item if I do say so myself! Also allows my Enu to be 11/6 without having to sort out his exos (organising his 200 set now....200 Smith sil vous plais <3)
  15. I'm after a Dark Court Belt on the Beta 1 server. It's part of my attempt at a 12/6 Xelor setup and I seem to be struggling to find one. I won't be on until evening/night time. I may have spare gear to trade in exchange for one (depending on what you're after). Thanks! :)