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  1. limlim

    Str/Cha Cra Endgame Set

    I need a set up with good str/cha or high %power .Your set has good wis but i prefer using removal trophies. And i dont have an ochre so it will be quite expensive for me
  2. limlim

    Str/Cha Cra Endgame Set

    It may be a option for a masq but i need a set with good range. :/
  3. limlim

    Str/Cha Cra Endgame Set

    As a Cra I need range a lot so oshimo isnt an viable choice for me
  4. limlim

    Str/Cha Cra Endgame Set

    I've decided to start thinking about my cra's end game set, and I was unable to come up with anything particularly enthralling. I was wondering if the people of Imps could help me out. I need: -11 ap min(12 would be great) -5mp min -3 or more range -min 600 str and cha (or high %power) -some free slots for removal trophies That's what i was thinking about : http://dofusbook.net/perso/velavela/Exael-1.html Sorry for my English :)
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