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  1. League of Legends

    Hmm i've never really used zyra, she seems so OP when mastered tbh
  2. League of Legends

    maybe because you're on NA?
  3. Random Screenshots

    You can check it on your account management page anytime even if it hasn't been noted down.
  4. In a russel group uni? and also what did you get in A level maths? I kinda am thinking of an accounting and finance degree too :blink:
  5. League of Legends

    got my very first penta today, can't describe how amazing that felt! I recently bought Zed because it was on sale for 598 RP iirc and have been playing it whenever i was mid :D Ignore my other stats i'm not that good yet (lvl 26) and my team was crap >.< especially Tahm as it was his first time playing it. p.s. I highly recommend all of you to try out, or play Zed more often, it's not the easiest champ and therefore having good plays with ur shadows just dwarfs all ur flaws during the game
  6. Random Screenshots

    a 2v3 Kolo bug today on Dark Vlad :o my team (red) consisted of another Osa but somehow he didn't get into the fight. In the end, I lost and the results table had the Osa named "null"
  7. How to Work in Ankama?

    I think your best bet is to Ankabox a person who works with Ankama or call them
  8. Sadi Duo

    Sadi with a Class ring, and a masq, Class ring: Dmg share/fraction spell every turn. And well.. having SP kinda means ur immune to real damage.
  9. oh sorry I didn't meet ur expectations slut
  10. because it's 3v5. There's a lot of inside humor in this post, if only you knew xd and yhh pretty proud about it, didn't expect a win. you're mistaking me with a friend of mine, i'm the friendly one :D And with bad, what do you exactly mean? Bad in terms of what?
  11. If you look at the location you'll notice it's in the kanojedo meaning he's actually fighting a Poutch 1v1. If he disabled summons on the timeline then he could've gained 10% res per element pre V 2.20? ( so his % res is actually really low) the 12 AP probably is due to an AP sweet. And the fixed res purely due to trophies and equips? which ones they are is a question to me too tho :( who knows, maybe it's on a private server.
  12. Missing web tool for dofus

    Oeh, that's actually really interesting!
  13. Wrong Password Error?

    Yeah, you can't log an unsubbed account when theres already 4 acc's logged on so basically just log the unsubbed account first and then the subbed ones. It's a useless anti bot measure.