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  1. xjoost

    Looking for cool Dofus Tattoo Ideas!

    gobball for sure
  2. xjoost

    Redesign of Pets

    Your sting / nomoon won't be maxed after the update, it will stay at lvl 75 (90/120). You can get it to the new max by feeding it though, so might be wise to keep other pets in stock that are maxed so you can use the resource you get from them on your nomoons to level them easily.
  3. xjoost

    Lets Fuck Together (:

  4. xjoost

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    fuck the haters
  5. xjoost

    2018 World Cup

    it's going home
  6. They're gone, close please @Rob
  7. xjoost

    The official newbie question thread!

    There were a few in market last week for around 500kk each
  8. how you know you shouldn't take someone serious... and yes I played osa myself too in the competitive scene so I know they need a nerf, especially Relay and Protective Balm are ridiculous spells
  9. https://account.ankama.com/fr/jeux-dofus Too many
  10. xjoost

    My Pure Int Maxed PVPE Int Iop

    51 str base useless, dokoko not worth either
  11. xjoost

    2.47 Livestream

    False, they said it's the special thing about this set