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  1. Evolution and Transition have the same effect (evolve/heal a turret or give +Power to an ally). The difference is in the other parts of the spell. Evolution: 2 AP 3-10 range 2 turn cooldown Transition: 3 AP 1-3 range 1 turn cooldown So Transition is more expensive and shorter range, but can evolve turrets faster.
  2. Can close

    Bump pls mage for me
  3. I'm looking to get the following items made. I have and will provide the items with fresh craft stats. Looking to pay 13mk per mage. Horrifing 290+/300 Vit 76+/80 Int/Agi 30+/40 Wis 6+/7 Fire/Air Dam 14+/15 Heals 14+/15 Cri Res 10/10% Neutral Res +1 AP Cute Koutoulou Pendant 390+/400 Vit 76+/80 Int/Agi 30+/40 Wis 1/1 AP 14+/15 Fire/Air Dam 0+/15 Prospecting 7/7% Earth/Water Res 18+/20 Cri Res +1 MP Edit: No longer needed.
  4. Can close

  5. Can close

    Bump Still looking
  6. @Bohemia this isn't a submission or anything, just something that needed to be said
  7. The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

  8. The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    I nominate my man @Casino-Royal. He's always the first person to congratulate anyone on his friends list for getting an achievement, and he's a Fantastic 5 grinding machine. He took at least half a dozen people through simply because they hadn't done it yet. Super chill and always willing to lend a hand.
  9. Damage Reduction Stack

    I just did a bunch of controlled testing with Cloudy, Stalak Shield, Poltroon Mask, and Panda vulns with Feline Spirit, which has a static base damage. Final damage dealt modifiers (Cloudy, Turq, Crimson, Vulbis, Decadence, etc.) stack additively with each other. The same applies for Melee/Ranged/Spell/Weapon damage. Damage dealt modifiers of different types (e.g. Cloudy + Captain Amakna Shield) stack with multiplication. All Final Damage Sustained modifiers (Boozer, Vulnerability, Jump, Feca Shield, etc.) stack multiplicatively. Yes, this includes 2 casts of Vulnerability. Still multiplication.
  10. Post your goals and achievements

    There is a push caused by you on yourself. It's why you can still take pushback damage if you Reinforcement up against a wall. Something similar happens with the Cras' Withdrawal Arrow and Assailing Arrow, the Ecaflips' Pawpads, the Huppermages' Comet, and the Pandawas' Nausea. It may happen (but I'm not sure) if an Ouginak casts Panic on themselves. As for why self-pushes cause the entire mechanic to break down, you got me there. I just know the behavior is consistent.
  11. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    I hate to be a stick in the mud, but has he considered that those effects don't exist yet? If that's the justification for the reduction in shielding on summons, it seems like something that could've just been put off until they actually had something new to add.
  12. Help On Djim Idol

    Doesn't matter. The invulnerability isn't disabled if they move, it's disabled if they get moved.
  13. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Betas are usually about 2 weeks, so best guess is March 20th.
  14. Mono to Echo

    Outside of extremely specific circumstances, you don't really need any class anymore. Some classes will be more effective than others in PvM (for example, Cra and Elio are disgustingly broken), but there aren't any classes that are so core that no team can live without them.
  15. Mono to Echo

    I actually ran that exact team (Eca, Enu, Eni, Panda) for a while before eventually adding a Masq and Ougi (not optimal, but I like what I like). I kinda played it in a different way by making the Panda an Agi tank, but even without the extra durability the utility from Karcham/Chamrak and Vuln is too good to ignore. Ultimately, most class combinations can work in PvM as long as you hit all of the main roles (damage, positioning, sustain). I've been able to run able to run almost every dungeon in the game with the 4 you listed, though.
  16. While these two spells can technically get the base damage values listed as the max here, you wouldn't be able to cast them since you'd be at the casts/turn limit. For clarity, Pygmachia should cap at 3 charges and Fit of Rage should cap at 1.
  17. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Yeah, but the change to the Rogue's class set pieces is also on the beta. Since they're changing what Fuse does, they're also changing how the class set modifies it.
  18. As in the title, I'm looking for a bunch of presents to finish that achievement. Full amount only. Edit: Bought from Hyrules-defence, can close now
  19. All Morph bonuses only affect Morph, and affect all castings of Morph.
  20. It's like if you cast Runification and every rune blew up on the same guy. The base damages aren't added together, each and every rune is resolved individually (so each rune gets +Damage)
  21. Devouring Arrow

    You cast it on one guy, and that guy has Devouring Arrow on him. When you cast Devouring Arrow on some other guy, the Devouring Arrow on the first guy detonates. The 3 damage lines shown are for if you cast it on the first guy once, twice, or three times before switching to the second guy.
  22. Fulminating Arrow

    It prioritizes bounces in the standard AoE order. Start one cell up and to the right of the target and rotate clockwise. You get 3 bounces, and they ignore anyone that already got hit.
  23. Your Dofus Nickname

    I was reading The Wheel of Time back when I started playing Dofus, and one of the side character's backstory was that he failed to protect his nephew, Owyn. I thought the name was cool, so I took it. My Elio was originally a Masqueraider, and King of Fighters XIII had come out around the same time that I made that character, so I named him Takuma, after one of the characters. My Eni was the name a friend of mine used when she tried Dofus. She didn't stick with it, but she had a pretty pink Eni named Marrona, so I kept the name and colors. My Panda, Cayden, is the Pathfinder god of freedom and booze. And lastly, my Ougi (Felan) is an anglicized version of an Irish baby name meaning "small wolf"