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  1. Owyn

    Genie Game!

    Granted. Every student knows the correct answer to every question because they all cheated instead of absorbing the material. They go on to immediately fail their next courses and the university launches an investigation into your academic integrity. I wish Ogivol gets permabanned from Dofus and has it stick.
  2. Owyn

    Genie Game!

    Granted! However, they have removed Guild/Alliance Emblem Change Potions. Now you have to choose between keeping your progress or letting all the new guilds look fancier than you. I wish I automatically got full credit for the discussion board posts that my school makes me do.
  3. Owyn

    Genie Game!

    Granted. Your thesis defense, however, will take 26. I wish my desk was 25% wider.
  4. Owyn

    Genie Game!

    Granted, but due to a bug in the drop conditions, all 6 were dropped by your Panda. I wish Ankama would give me carte blanche to redesign Ecaflips.
  5. Well if you had checked the new revamp you would've noticed that they changed all of the self-damaging spells to simply remove a % of your HP instead of actually hurting you, so they don't self-erode anymore.
  6. You can only use Transcendence Runes on items that have no overmages or exomages, so you won't be able to put one on that cape.
  7. I'm staying on 0% forever now.
  8. %Final damage, %Melee/Ranged damage, and %Spell/Weapon damage are additive with themselves and multiplicative with each other. So something like Cloudy + Decadence would be 135% damage (100%+20%+15%), but if you also had a Four-Leaf it would be ~154% (1.35*1.14) instead of 149% (1.35+0.14). And I agree, even turns deserve some love.
  9. Paying 15mk for AP or 13mk for MP 290+/300 Vit 95+/100 Int 31+/40 Agi 31+/40 Wis 11+/12 Heals 1 Summon 0+/15 Filzpunkte 10/10 Fire Damage 7+/10 Air Damage 11+/15 Air Resistance 7/7% Earth Res 7/7% Water Res
  10. It's because everyone took a shoddy translation as gospel. Only pets that currently start with max stats will have immediate max stats. That means the following: White Bow Meow Ginger Bow Meowette Black Bow Wow Bow Wow Quaquak Kompost Brulay Sirocco Dehluge Kwyness Karmeleon Drhexler
  11. It's not endgame, but I've always liked Captain Scarlight. The concept of a dungeon boss that does 0 damage but is just a gigantic annoyance is something that I'm disappointed that they haven't done since. I think it's really neat that he just messes with your AP/MP/positioning and lets the other monsters actually fight you.
  12. I need the following arches to complete my EH. Paying 200kk per soul. All done, you can close now.
  13. I'd imagine it's good with Elio but that's about it.
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