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  1. They pushed out an update to the Ankama Shield, and part of that includes updating the email address of the accounts associated with them before you can use them with the launcher. I had a similar issue.
  2. Granted. All spells remain the same for PvP, but are heavily nerfed for PvM. Of particular note is Spontaneous Return, which is now 0 casts per turn. I wish Mr. Sandman would man me a sand and give him the cutest man car door hook hand.
  3. Granted. Getting kicked out of their Masters' program should give them all the free time you want. I wish Kitty-nekos were added to the main Dofus servers.
  4. Granted, but it's "soon" from a long-lived genie's perspective. Things should wind down in 20 years or so. I wish that The Good Place had won the Emmys that it so clearly deserved.
  5. Hey, you used Shadowy beam that one singular time.
  6. Once a server has enough people concurrently online, they don't allow logins from F2P players. You'll have to subscribe.
  7. Owyn


    The absolute state of PvM.
  8. Granted. Your gym is both open and also extremely contagious. Coronavirus spreads rapidly through your school and several lives are lost, including yours. I wish Ankama stopped updating Dofus Retro like all the purists want them to.
  9. The entry in the inventory is the daggers themselves, the entry in the Special Spells tab is the attack you make with them. It's the same with all the weapons. Additionally, you can bind a hotkey to use whatever weapon you have equipped in combat. I believe it's set to ` by default (the key to the left of the 1).
  10. Granted. However, your new tendency to hang out with people leaves you with so little time to study that your grades suffer and you get removed from your PhD program. I wish the Echo and Merkator servers got merged.
  11. Granted. In time, you will be able to. But that doesn't mean your deadline will wait that long. I wish breeding dragoturkeys wasn't so boring.
  12. Granted. Your house is now a toasty 70 degrees. Celsius. I wish Scour had his "I got banned for being a fucking idiot" banner back instead of the moderator one.
  13. Yeah last night was a bit of an outlier since Ankama was having issues with their ISP. Massive lag for everyone.
  14. Granted. Instead of a crook, you trust it to an upstanding accountant with a history of success who invests it in several stable companies. Unfortunately, people catch wind that the CEOs of those companies made homophobic tweets in 2009, and your portfolio crashes, leaving you with nothing (except a £10,000 bill for your accountant, of course). I wish Ankama put all 5 of Silam's custom ceremonial items into Dofus instead of just 1.
  15. Dofus is not all mono-server. All of the pre-existing servers (such as Echo) still allow multiclienting, as do all of the Dofus Retro servers. The only mono-account servers are Ilyzaelle and Temporis (AKA the seasonal server). As for the new launcher, it's pretty indefensible. The thing is riddled with bugs, they didn't list the necessary Linux dependencies anywhere, and anyone who played Dofus through Steam needs to find the most well-hidden option I've ever seen in order to convert their account. Rushing the conversion was a mistake.
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