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  1. Shadowfan

    Help me get on my toes again

    I wanted to give Dofus another shot, because of all the wonderful memories, but, everything has changed so drastically I cannot keep up. So does anyone have tips for me on which gears I should get for an Iop, Pvm is in mind but a mix of pvp elements would not be bad, how do people make kamas these days? I know that people do not want to unveil their ideas, but a little clue would not hurt? Since I am totally clueless in what to do in the game now....
  2. I still have a great Inky though, my gear was really good in F3 era, but I really need some tips on kamas making and hunting grounds, I have alts, but their gears are frigost 2 hahaha
  3. Everytime I log in to this game, I really try to get back into it, it beats me into submission everytime though. I just bought 1 month of p2p, I do not know what to do, my gear is from frigost 3, I cannot keep up with all the information and gears, where do I even start lol. Do they really expect people to play again with so much BS now?
  4. Shadowfan

    Merkator with Last/Mystique leech

    Hit me up on game, I am interested.
  5. Shadowfan


    Thank you for the good years we had together, it was certainly enjoyable, I guess I'll have to wish you good luck even though our hate against eachother was stronger than the hate Satan has for Jesus. Lycka till min Norska granne.
  6. Shadowfan

    Time to update graphics?

    I suggested Wakfu LIKE which means something similar not a copy *sigh*, Why shouldn't the graphics get updated? Better engine, higher framerates, FULL SCREEN. etc
  7. Shadowfan

    Time to update graphics?

    It's been 5-6 years now? Since 2.0 was released , don't you guys think it's time for ankama to change the appearance of the game and make it more Wakfu like?
  8. Shadowfan

    Xblood-quencherx THE RETURN

    Welcome back, looking forward for your trolling
  9. Shadowfan

    Don't subscribe using Allopass Audiocode.

    Boku no Piko?
  10. I don't know who you're but happy birthday

  11. Shadowfan

    New class change? yay or nay?

    If you gonna cry and say rip in peace for Dofus go make a topic and cry over there lmao.
  12. Shadowfan

    No current way to reset stats ?

    I haven't really read the thread concerning the new stats system but is it actually not possible reseting anymore?
  13. Shadowfan

    Class Change Service

    Rich ass holes will just switch characters whenever they want
  14. Shadowfan

    Random Screenshots

    How do you make your windows transparent??
  15. Shadowfan

    Random Screenshots

    Someone just fucked Ankama's logic