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  1. Merkator with Last/Mystique leech

    Hit me up on game, I am interested.
  2. Anyone down to open Kralove tomorrow?

    I'll be available 10-12th July, I should be back home in Sweden by that time.
  3. gb

    Thank you for the good years we had together, it was certainly enjoyable, I guess I'll have to wish you good luck even though our hate against eachother was stronger than the hate Satan has for Jesus. Lycka till min Norska granne.
  4. Anyone down to open Kralove tomorrow?

    Next saturday?
  5. Anyone down to open Kralove tomorrow?

    Really, I thought it would never open this saturday, FML for missing it again.......
  6. Time to update graphics?

    I suggested Wakfu LIKE which means something similar not a copy *sigh*, Why shouldn't the graphics get updated? Better engine, higher framerates, FULL SCREEN. etc
  7. Time to update graphics?

    It's been 5-6 years now? Since 2.0 was released , don't you guys think it's time for ankama to change the appearance of the game and make it more Wakfu like?
  8. Anyone down to open Kralove tomorrow?

    I guess the majority of this community lives in Europe or North America, What about 21:00 GMT 1+ ?
  9. Anyone down to open Kralove tomorrow?

    My bad. Thank you.
  10. Anyone down to open Kralove tomorrow?

    What about Satuday? On Sunday I usually prepare my homework or study and shit, Highschool is reaching its climax for this semester, better not fall behind.
  11. Anyone down to open Kralove tomorrow?

    I need it. I am down on Sunday. 2015-05-10
  12. Kralove opening

    This sounds fitting
  13. Kralove opening

    Any plans sometime soon?
  14. Kralove opening

    Let's open it on Sunday? I really need it :)
  15. Xblood-quencherx THE RETURN

    Welcome back, looking forward for your trolling