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  1. [Echo] Cloud is Recruiting!

    wow 10/10 guild would recommend
  2. Bye.

    bb alabro
  3. Who still plays?! (Rushu)

    Time-Stafer from 06-07
  4. Rushu goult thread #3??

    ok let me summarize this goult fuckfest for you guys. As a spectator on discord goult group, people from the begining wanted to play with their friends on their teams instead of choosing a decent team composition for the whole server. each of the players positioned themselves to have their own decent "friend team" instead of thinking about the whole server. Consequently, the leftover D team lost most their fights as expected. Later on, as the fights started, some participants would criticize certain players because they wanted their friends (who ended up as a sub) to play. That's why you'll see a constant bashing of Tacktical and Euclid (just so the subs could replace them). In addition to the zero training, some main players would vanish without leaving a sign of life until after the fight has ended. Oh and if you ever spoke up against all of this, you will be kicked and muted by the supreme leader steam-alb who is superior to all human beings. bye
  5. Rushu goult thread #3??

    fact check: you don't talk on behalf of the FR community, they dislike your toxic bullshit as much as we do. bye
  6. Living Shushu Set (and promos)!

    yea man shut up and be happy about whatever they decide, customers aren't allowed to give their feedback
  7. [0,0] Carcosa merch

    bump, merch under kano (Stafer)
  8. Timeless - goult scam

    yea he wanted to clarify how much of an oxygen waste he is.
  9. Timeless - goult scam

    just contact izmar with a well worded letter explaining everything with screenshots and details, im sure they can work something out.
  10. Timeless - goult scam

    its not like the vulbis scam was 15 years ago. another mistake that contributed in this italian job is the fact that people still spoke to him after the vulbis scam, something which i will never understand. all i keep hearing is "stockon was a piece of shit anyway", honestly i don't care if the guy was, nobody deserves to be taken advantage of, once u cross that line its fucking over.
  11. Timeless - goult scam

    why am i not surprised
  12. Rushu goult thread #3??

    i have a summon arch bow i can lend you