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  1. wow 10/10 guild would recommend
  2. yea man shut up and be happy about whatever they decide, customers aren't allowed to give their feedback
  3. yea he wanted to clarify how much of an oxygen waste he is.
  4. just contact izmar with a well worded letter explaining everything with screenshots and details, im sure they can work something out.
  5. its not like the vulbis scam was 15 years ago. another mistake that contributed in this italian job is the fact that people still spoke to him after the vulbis scam, something which i will never understand. all i keep hearing is "stockon was a piece of shit anyway", honestly i don't care if the guy was, nobody deserves to be taken advantage of, once u cross that line its fucking over.
  6. why am i not surprised
  7. incoming tezar blame in 3 2 1
  8. that would be near impossible, people will go back to elio tactic
  9. you missed the 100int ammy, with res and +20 dodge :D
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