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  1. It's a very mixed bag. Most are not pure, but some of the emerald, ivory, turquoise and plum mounts are pure I think. If there were not so many mounts, I would have checked each individually, but checking 2300 mounts' genealogical histories (or whatever number it is) is too much work for me to be bothered with.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm looking to stop breeding (I don't play regularly anymore), and I'm looking to sell all of my dragoturkeys. I have the following kinds (in no particular order): Plum and emerald (120) Plum (74) Ebony (37) Ivory and turquoise (14) Emerald and crimson (4) Crimson (63) Plum and indigo (15) Ivory (224) Ginger (28) Turquoise (181) Emerald and orchid (16) Golden and ebony (5) Golden and emerald (34) Emerald (416) Plum and ivory (3) Plum and ginger (28) Indigo and gin
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy multiple items. These include tread amu and belt with perfect or close to perfect stats and overmaged in crit res. I also am looking for perfect flinties, (pm me if you have overmaged flinties as well) and a perfect hairsh bracelet with high vit, %power, perf resists, crit and range and max dmgs. I'm looking to pay arround 18m for each tread item (but it's negotiable), 10m if the flinties are really good and 12m for the hairsh bracelet. Hope someone has what I need, -- IGN = Lyrac
  4. I'm willing to negociate prices ! :) Dofus IGN : Lyrac
  5. Hello everyone I'm selling manithou zoth staff incarnation for 7-8 mk. Thanks in advance Dofus IGN: Lyrac For the info: I accept items depending which they are.
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