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  1. I'm not telling you to not be cautious, and what comes to log-in credentials etc. You're just a dumbass if you give those to anyone in the first place. My recent deal with Alpha went out smooth, though. The transaction started before he was revealed as Ogivol. I was supposed to receive some irl kamas for a little something something, we first did the trade with me receiving half the value in kamas and him receiving the item. I'd keep the kamas until I got the moneys. There were some problems with getting the irl kamas moving so we settled on going with the full price in kama
  2. I believe the rank comes straight from time played on the character. For me the list was identical with the time played list in-game.
  3. pc eu master race add me Uusimene#21946
  4. Top kek mate funny jokes. I doubt you read any of the messages in this thread, but this part is covered. I can get a bunch of high profile rosal people to back me up on this with their valuables I'm sure. You don't have the money in any case so why bother shitposting?
  5. When I find a buyer that's a perfect time to try to trade it, I'm not risking it somehow getting linked on an alt account as a gift. As for the content of the gift, that's where what I just said comes in. I'm sure certain people, such as Sugared, would vouch to pay back the kamas, or their whole inventory, to the buyer if I indeed did scam. People who definitely wouldn't want to mess their reputation on dofus for a scam with a payoff that's really not worth it. Is it really that hard to understand what you're reading?
  6. Scam? Unbeatable logic oh great one, teach me how to see the world as black and white as yours. Installing dofus updates as I'm typing this to see if this indeed is the case. Last I checked it wasn't linked but yeah the google translation does seem clear enough. Edit: Offer still standing. In case anyone is even considering taking pereb seriously with the scam accusation. I have previously sold a bunch of lottery codes for skullcrasher shields, shadow helmets etc to a number of high profile players and imps village users. I'm certain these people would vouch for me among others. Edit2: The u
  7. You're late. They have been linked for over 3 months now. I'm still able to sell mine, though, because I gift wrapped it before ankama chose to link these items.
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