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  1. window

    Solo player server launching in October

    Window - Str Xelor
  2. Get a bunch of Livestreamers/commentators to where DWS is taking place and host a English Livestream from the event with the Ankama teams support? To make this happen we need : 1. Convince Ankama to make a English livestream/ invite some streamers to come... Sooo everyone who wants this to happen tweet/instagram/reddit etc etc... @Dofus_en !! 2. Get streamers(commentators) to go to the final in France at the event, interested? leave a post under!! 3. (if your not going there) Get all your friends and people you know to watch it! so Ankama will do it on the next events to! ENGLISH COMMUNITY MATTERS! lets get more people on Echo! FAQ: Why do we think this tournament will get more English to play Dofus? - Because there will be a big official french stream the game Dofus will be on top of the twitch list making people to click it, without a good English stream they will leave. How will we get streamers to go the event? - Some of us may live close enough to travel there our self's, if were lucky Ankama can help make this happen Feel free to post your opinion ^^
  3. Who are we? We are from the Server Dark Vlad (Dutch server), Recently moved to this new guild with a bunch of friends. Our members are adult-ich players and are always open for a nice chat, We are ready to help if you are to help us, when needed ^^ Most of us are on dofus for around 10years now and have teams of 200's. We can offer a Friendly helpful guild with soon hopefully a lot more members. Currently in the Alliance Cygnus. How to join? Do you think you fit to this guild? Make sure to PM one of us. Hele-na Ethereal Juf Апкама Windowdv (Or feel free to pm any other member to contact us ^^)
  4. window

    22100% Solo account

    ye but it is possible =D i see a way doing it with my main :P if you remember my youtube you may once see me getting it
  5. window

    22100% Solo account

    I think 2account is sort of the same as using sidekick, just makes it easyer with double droprates for lvling prof but double mats needed for use sets, for professions you probably need to do them on 1account or split, in fight will not be much different for lower lvl to use account or sidekick
  6. window

    22100% Solo account

    haha nice :p i think most of the time will be spend in lvling professions for making equips, need 4 professions already for the gobball set D: takes hours if lvling with self hunted ingredients
  7. window

    22100% Solo account

    My friend started a Solo account on http://www.twitch.tv/hdofus make sure to give him a follow =D
  8. window

    22100% Solo account

    Thanks =D it will sure be a lot of fun together with my viewers. Day 1 i completed incarnam and going for all lvl 20 professions for making gobball set :P but spend most of my day explaining people what it is
  9. window

    22100% Solo account

    Hazze, i think i will be able to do most of the content in solo, and for the next 3 -4 years i will not be good enough for dimensions so thats fine for me now :P Bochi, Thats exactly what my goal is :D really love how you just said that, ive chosen to pick the foggenaut becaus my main is already a sram, and i think fogger is one of the most variable accounts with the movement/heals, and big dmg thats why i go for this. A real life friend of me just confirmed to join me on this journey and he will make a Enutroff to do this Solo accounting =D As soon as he starts i will make sure his stream/youtube is in this post for you all to watch
  10. window

    22100% Solo account

    I have just started a 100% Solo account for twitch/youtube.(Iron man Challenge) this means : Rule 1 : NO trading/market Rule 2 : No help in fights (just you+sidekick) I will daily stream the progress and every week/month i will upload a video showing what ive accompliced laste weeks :D If any of you also want to make such an account tell me maybe i can help you out ;) www.twitch.tv/windowdv
  11. window

    Alignment quest help thread

    Bonta quest #80 I lost my ticket to Island O'anstitch. How can i acces the island now? can't find a npc who gives the ticket (Step : Defeat 1 [Rob Merbelec] in a single fight.)
  12. window

    Show us your bag!

    Coopers this is scary D: Here is my haven bag (made after update) Count the similarities :blink: :P
  13. window

    Messages in Bonta

    This maybe shows one of the other new classes ? Other class revamps
  14. window

    Goultarminator 2015 - Summary & Videos

    Found this post on a french forum about the fight '' Dark Vlad B vs Kuri B'' and its really wonderfull. I already translated it from french to english so don't worry ;)(google translater bad translation xd but its okay to read) Here the video:
  15. window

    2.30 Changelog

    All 2.30 items http://www.dofawa.fr/articles/Panoplies-dofus-230--1889.html

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