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  1. Surfffff

  2. Don't want them both just one for now until he's 200 and all set
  3. I've got a 199 rogue and a 199 eli on the same account (don't ask) Both fully scrolled. My question is which would be best as a solo char? To grind to 200 and be worth while at 200? Currently attempting to do duos and quests for achieves. Also which builds for the class? Thanks
  4. That set is decent thanks :) I'll try make one with better resists though, will be hammered in pvp lol
  5. What's the big thing about Intel? And if i go intel, it'll be with my 192 sram, any ideas for a set for him?
  6. Sram seems the best bet I guess for now anyway, str/agi or what else?
  7. No chance haha cannot stand that class
  8. I have a sram who is 192 but have no idea what set to use on him/build to go lol was a leech until I quit him
  9. I'm not looking for endgame characters more like mid level 120+ sort of thing, thanks though :) Yeah everyone does abuse that spell a lot in the kolos I have seen recently
  10. In terms of unique I once made a agility sadida with 1/2 staff, I forget the name lol got him to rank 10, not exactly sure if anything that ridiculous is viable these days though
  11. I was thinking more myself as a chance/agi eni or sadida but sram does seem a nice idea! Used to have one many years ago and dominated lol but the build I used back then was straight forward compared to today's more complex builds
  12. I have a 198 rogue want something different, rogues bore me now lol
  13. So I've come to the end of my patience with endgame leveling and equipment, looking to make a new character purely for 1v1 pvp and kolo... Not sure what class to choose though, I know for sure I do not want a eca or a cra though as them classes are what everyone has and I would like something different and unique... Any ideas welcome :) thanks Sorry for crap layout writing this on phone
  14. Brahh

    Rogue or fogg

    The idea of pure dmg dealer and doing nearly 10k dmg with rogue with bombs is what Iove then on the other hand is fogg with crazy heals in teams, dmg map control
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