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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get back to the game. I have not done frig3 and any newer content. I have 5 characters, Elio/Panda/Enu/Eni/Iop. People tell me I can do anything In the game with them How do I gear them ? I have no Dofus, mounts or Exos and a small budget
  2. Lotsa trolls or people who haven't worked a day in their life ^^ Heres an answer: get an enu his kit works nicely with a cra ^^ You'll like a panda, the map control of cra/Enu is pretty decent till something gets up close, next to that pandas have a fun kit to play. Panda/enu/cra can be filled with a lot tbh. I'd say int rogue with a heal bow should be fun ^^; although if you prefer a feca could also be nice. But Panda/Enu/Cra/Rogue should get you trough most of the game's content ^^
  3. I'm just wondering what team would be able to run most endgame content(4man preferably) Cra/Iop/Elio/Panda Enu/Iop/Eni/Panda Elio/Iop/Eni/Panda Enu/Iop/Elio/Panda Cra/Enu/Iop/Elio Cra/Enu/Iop/Panda
  4. Wait, so an eni is useless now ? And a cra mandatory ?
  5. Allright, so I'm deciding either to sell everything and pretty much quit/sometimes log on 1 geared char. Or play a team again. But with the Enu's nerfs(first char I logged into also was my fav) I'm not sure if I even want to keep playing. Is there a 4-5 man team that can run like 90%+ endgame content now. I used to play Enu/Eni/Iop/Panda/Elio; but I don't know if it's viable anymore since mp reduction has gone to shit, my 170mp red set with 800cha/int on enu with damage nerfs and mp red nerfs feels like worthless now(haven't p2ped yet since it does not seem worth) What I have: Enu - Cha/Int Mp red Iop - %Power/Str/Int Eni - Int/heals Elio - Agi Panda - Cha So I'm looking for a 4, max 5 but preferably 4 man team that can ace any endgame content. Any help ? or should I just quit the game
  6. ^^This^^ I work 60-75hours/week and you summed it up. I get that those who sit at home all day or have this amazing job they can just play dofus at, or play it at their schools have the time to keep on redoing dungeons etc. But it's a game. you should be able to do some relaxing stuff that cools your head at lvl 200 and is fun/rewarding to do. This is what anyone who actually works enough to earn enough to be able to spend on games needs.
  7. Int is a support/util build, basically u'll use clumsi x3, Ghostly and heal bow every turn with int enus, The aoe of a str enu can reach nearly anyone swell so there is no reason to get shovel kiss for that(chance people do it because chance spells can't reach everywhere). If you want hybride i'd go Int/Cha, Str isn't worth going hybride atm.
  8. Hey Café, Try Fastscripts, its shareware so you can use up to 10 hotkeys for free. It allows you to bind scripts to a hotkey, so you can bind a script that selects that account for you. Here's an applescript for it, make one for each account and bind them to the correct keys :) You can use Apple's Script Editor(should be installed on your mac) to edit/save it :) tell application "System Events" set dofusAppList to (id of every process whose name = "Dofus") end tell tell application "System Events" repeat with dofusProcess in dofusAppList if (title of window 1 of process id dofusProcess) is "nameOfYourCharacterHere" then set (frontmost of processes whose id is dofusProcess) to true end if end repeat end tell So you don't get worried heres in english what the script does: 1. Hey system, you running any instances of dofus ? 2. If so, put them into a list for me 3. Allright, time to check the list and see if any instance of dofus has windows 4. oh look, this window has the name of the character you are looking for 5. Here you go i'll put it in front of the others :) 6. Thanks system, i'll see you later
  9. if u want something between PvM and PVP go str, works great in either PvP and PvM, only build with some decent damage in cc and aoe. at cost of some utility
  10. I multi as many accounts as I want on my 2012 Macbook Pro 13" 2.9Ghz i7 with 8GB 1600Mhz DDR Ram, I find the use of FastScripts and Mission control insanely handy, you can use fast scripts to overwrite your function buttons so they switch between accounts, you could even write a script that makes all your characters walk when you click on one,... I don't see your troubles running 8 accounts, I've ran 8 smoothly. The only problem is that AIR/Amakna doesn't clean itself up well enough for it to stay smooth for hours, but a quick purge can save you from a reboot and get you back on track :)
  11. Simply because there is no such option, They added the button but no file states that you can control the quality your Flash Environment will produce. It's greyed out because it has no function, and currently there is no available function in the Air client nor the Dofus client that allows you to change quality. I'm guessing there once was and they removed the function which means the button's function became null and to avoid errors they got a nullpointexcepter on buttons to grey out when the function is not available
  12. Do you still need these ? I got Mac Scripts for switching accounts trough applescript
  13. Here's what I came up with: http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/540789-enu/3.html I would trade the dolmanax for 80% power trophy or a turqouise dofus, but its your choice I used a +1 summons mount because in my experience an enu needs 3 summons minimum. If you would like 6 range you can switch Nidas ring for Fuji ring or any other ring(but fuji is the only lategadme ring that benefits your char and gives 2 summons) I can't afford anything special either, I'm using this setup because 10/5 doesn't work on elios in my oppinnion. it gives 11/6 with a free pet/mountslot http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/540789-iouhhbln/3.html
  14. I'd like some advice on my team. Current setup: lvl 200 Enutrof (Chance/MP Red. 11/6) lvl 200 Iop (Omni. 12/5) lvl 200 Eni (Int/Agi 10/5) lvl 200 Panda (Chance 10/5) lvl 199 Elio (Agi 11/6) I'm planning on making panda and eni 11/6 as soon as I have the kamas. At the moment I'd like to know what characters i should change/add to be able to do endgame dungeons like frig 3,Dimension ones. I managed to do Missiz Freeze without the elio (using enu as a distraction while other members kill the mob) but can't do it 5 loot(tried distraction,mob first,missiz first, half mob then missiz all doesn't work) The thing is I got a decent team but still can't manage to do much endgame content (lvl 200) any tips?
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