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  1. Hey everyone, i need some help/guide/whatever on how to win this fight with the "Turrets" in the end of the Quest named: "Memoires of an Amnesiac" It's a solo fight, and there's alot Turrets in the start of the fight on your side, but you're against 8x "Rygurgal Plateau" monsters and 2 of these are Invulnerable Spookkoth's I know so far that if you end your turn beside the "Bag of Tools" (as you can see on the picture), it will give you some state that makes you buff the other Turrets if you end beside 1 of them the following Turn. Also that the Spookkoth's will get out of their Invulnerbility state if they make the fatal blow on one of the "Healing looking Turrets" (but it seems like it's only for 1 Turn.....) - Soo if anybody got any kind of information or help about this fight, it would help me a ton! - Crux/Cruz http://imgur.com/a/iqQs4
  2. Cruzix

    Fatal hits

    Yo Auron, they were a part of the "Wakfunding" a few months back. People who bought in some of the particular weeks (it was a duration over 4 different weeks) got these fatal blows/shields and other cool stuff. You should be able to buy them from other people's shops *Ingame* as a learning scroll, similar to emotes. ~~~ Cruz ~~~
  3. Not because i want to spam, but my team-mate got some extreme luck, Double exo day! #8th :) - I know the vit is a little "meh".
  4. There's a reason he is called Hakfu, and i'm not haha, it's not worth it... I mean, if you wanna %res overmage by alot, you only got enough for 16 runes...
  5. He wanted to remage the daggers with %res but the stats were awesome at first, so he though "well fuck it, lets yolo" :p
  6. Aaaaand he did it again! First rune! #1 :)
  7. Hi! I'm looking for a new set (hybrid or an omni set) for My sram since i feel like it's stuck in 2k13 I'd like for the best option(s) without Vulbis, anything else is possible to get my hands on ~~ 11/6 or 12/5 i don't mind, hit me up :) #Edit - Good %Res aswell
  8. Just wanted to drop this here, tried like 35 times on a different Glacial cloak. Then my team mate took over, tried once on a new Cloak and bam!
  9. Thanks alot :) - For the people whose having issues and problems with Bonta Quests 70-80 there's alot off help to get here ~ http://forum.dofus.com/es/26-torre-buhos-sabios-preguntas-dudas/846377-misiones-bonta-70-80-ayudanos-responder?page=1 Credits goes to Mrmuk for linking it to me u.u
  10. Bonta Quest [79] - I need to make the "Dontase mebro shovel", but the recipe for it that the shaman gives is fake, so i don't know what's the recipe for it....? - Anybody knows?
  11. You have to click on some Lighting lantern in the same map if i'm not mistaken :)
  12. Bonta Quest [78] I got to a point where i have to find "DardonDakal's Den" somewhere in Stontusk dessert, anybody know where that exactly is? Been looking for 1 hour now.... Nvm, found it right after i posted this topic
  13. Bonta Quest #77 After giving Vil Smisse the Boar from the guy at Bonta's shoemaker market, i have to look for a crate and give it to Vil smisse. - Does anyone know the location of this crate?
  14. [05:10] You obtained "Api Shigekax".
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