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  1. Deli is back (Touch)

    Heya Sano. Im playing on Dodge(?). Not sure but im think it it Dodge.
  2. Deli is back (Touch)

    Hello. Just wondering if any old friends are playing Touch? Would be nice to chat and stuff. Ign Deliwhip.
  3. Looking for a few fun offline PC games.

    Heroes of might and magic 3 and Fallout 1/2.
  4. Finally free

    ^ Haha :D That sounds great. Im really glad I got to know you better towards my end. But yeah gotta stick around at imps for some time :)
  5. Finally free

    Thx all and ty too Myst for the good times we shared together. Was great to get to know you :)
  6. Finally free

    Heya all friends and others. I just deleted Dofus. It was kinda impulsive decision but ive been wanting to quit for like months now. Its been a real struggle, tens of class changes and new chars. Couple days ago I had new attempt to get some nice stuff to do in Dofus. I made a low lvl kolo team (well tried, didnt get 3rd char more than 85lvl). Yesterday I sold their gear and decided to regear my enu. I was maging set for him and something snapped in my head and I deleted Dofus. So this is my fairwell. I dont think ill list any names here even tho there were alot of people that made this game super awesome. I thank Superlative Exemplar for giving me home. Fantastic guild with fantastic people. Everyone of you. Also Alpha alliance, got to know awesome people from there too. :) The Black Corps was an awesome guild to be part of even tho I havent had active char there for some time now. Also Paradigm, even tho the guild is dead these days but when it was active, it was the best time ive had in whole time of playing Dofus. Miss those times but now I think its finally time to move on. Feels weird. When I started I was just pothead teenager now "an adult" with own family, house etc. Feels sad but at the same time im relieved that Ill finally move on. Ill be still hanging here atleast for some time. Cya and thanks to the whole Imps community, youve made playing Dofus great. :) Oh right I gave my accounts to my friend so its not me if he logs in.
  7. 3rd wheel on my koloparty?

    Change of plans. Gave up low lvl team, back to endgame. Sram eca enu, eni enu eca or osa sram eca? :D Gotta save up some money first.. Or try exo some crap to gear 3..
  8. Class Change Advice

    I would say eca or cha enu. Oh you dont have an eni. Enis are good, if you dont like int then make cha/agi, they do pretty nice dmg. 1. Enu 2. Eca 3. Eni
  9. 3rd wheel on my koloparty?

    Cant decide which class I should make as my third char. I have eca and feca. First I thought about iop or cra but idk.. Help me out, what class might work with my current team? Only class im sure I dont want is prolly masq and osa. Thank you.
  10. Idea/Poll Mystery Box/Present Merchant

    It will start with 4mk gelano. Next something worth more. Get peoples trust then boom time for the scam!
  11. Idea/Poll Mystery Box/Present Merchant

    I bet you wouldnt mind doing this. :D Great way to fool dumb people.. Gotta say if someone falls for idiotic trick like this its their own fault. The idea itself sounds ok if it was done by some trustworthy player. But I would never buy from unknown player like you.
  12. duo elements

    Sram str or str/agi. Sadi str, str/int or str/cha.
  13. Duo to start from scratch?

    Ah yes sadi + cha enu is great. Nub like me was able to duo Kolosso with 200lvl sadi and 140-150lvl enu.
  14. Duo to start from scratch?

    Sadi cra might work well. That mp red will keep monsters away.
  15. Post your goals and achievements

    I think Rushu is pretty great. Yes there are some rotten tomatoes but we have the enemy list for that problem. On topic. My goal is to see goodness in all of you Impsters.